Crashlands - some tips for passing

The guys from Butterscotch Shenanigans managed to put everything that gamers like so much in Crashlands - action, survival, exploration of territories and adventure. The result exceeded all expectations, the game was incredibly exciting.

We offer you some tips that will help you make the survival of your character as pleasant and effective as possible.

Collect everything to the maximum

Most of the games dedicated to crafting and survival, creates additional difficulties for players, specifically limiting the number of items that can be carried with you. This is usually done by implementing a complex inventory management system that can tire anyone.

V Crashlands everything is completely different. Your inventory slots are truly bottomless, so we recommend that you pick up everything you find along the way, even if it seems unnecessary to you. Everything you find will definitely find a use, believe me, so the more items you collect-the better.

V Crashlands you can not view the contents of the inventory directly. Instead, you open the instructions for making something, and only then see if you have the necessary materials for it. The best tactic in this case will be " take and forget", which means-pick up everything that comes in the way, without worrying about where to put it and how to apply it.

Don't get carried away with crafting furniture

Every crafting point contains many instructions for making various items. Very often you will come across tables, chairs and various kinds of decor. We do not advise you to get too involved in its production-in addition to cosmetic functions, it does not carry any load.

Want to have a nice house? We are happy for you. It is better to spend resources on making bombs, potions, and everything that will really help you survive. We do not say that you do not need a beautiful house, but in order not to engage in unnecessary grinding, it is better to just put a few walls and place crafting points behind them - that's all. Consider that minimalism is in fashion in this game.

expressions or dances?

the images in Crashlands will remind you of dancing (yes, do not be surprised, it is dancing!). The fact is that they occur according to a strictly defined scheme. Each creature in this game has its own principle of movement in battle - it will be like a battle ballet. We recommend that you remember how these or other creatures move in order to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Izbegayte red zones

Who concerns skirmishes with enemies, then remember: they themselves tell you when they are going to attack. This is indicated by a red indicator, which can have different sizes and shapes. All that we can advise in the event of such an indicator-move. Get out of the area outlined in red as quickly as possible, and then you will not receive any damage.

ges If you paid attention to the previous point, you have already tried to remember the movement patterns of various creatures, which means that even if you are in the red zone, you will know what to expect.

G In most cases, you will be able to bypass the enemy from behind in order to avoid his attack. Once you have done this, rush at the enemy immediately - you only have time for a few hits before his next attack begins.

Don't get hung up on challenging quests

Crashlands is a very well - balanced game, so you will rarely be able to find something in it that you are completely unprepared for. For example, you can go too far along the branch of the next quest or search for an ingredient too carefully, finding that you are absolutely far from the desired result. In such cases, do not worry - Crashlands offers you a huge number of tasks and quests.

g You can always choose something completely different, and then, after accumulating resources, improving weapons and acquiring stronger tamed creatures, you can again return to those quests that, for a number of reasons, were left undone. And thanks to the teleporter system built into the game, you do not have to spend time on the way to the goal - distances do not matter much here.