Darth Vader approves: best Star Wars games for iOS

There are about seven months left until the release of the next part of "Star Wars", and to keep all those who can't wait to go on an intergalactic journey, we offer a selection of the best iOS games dedicated to the theme of Star Wars.

These games, unfortunately, are not so much, and some successful titles, like Tiny Death Star, have disappeared from our horizons. But we do not despair: the App Store will find something to offer fans of the famous franchise.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic


gEta game - the first thing to start with any connoisseur of George Lucas. It may seem expensive, but believe me-the development of the BioWare studio is definitely worth the money. It is not only qualitatively implemented and exciting, but also contains a huge amount of diverse content-just to keep you busy for a very long time.

The RPG elements built into this game offer you a branched tree of abilities, and the tactical battles in it are more than enough to keep you busy. The universe of the game is really big and full of amazing locations and alien characters. Do not forget about the well-written plot – as you can see, in Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, all aspects are equally worthy of attention.

Angry Birds Star Wars


nnot to mention one famous franchise inside another, no less famous-it would be strange. The hit birds from Rovio fit perfectly into the George Lucas universe and did it with humor. Despite the boring theme of shooting birds, we will not deny the quality of this game, and its cute characters-birds and pigs, depicted as heroes of the Republic and imperial villains. The special abilities of each bird allowed the authors to improve the original formula of the game and turn it into a fascinating mix, from which it is difficult to break away.

Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga


Another development that can take the time of Star Wars fans. In it, you will meet the heroes of all six parts of the saga, however, in the form of Lego men, but this will not prevent you from remembering your childhood and plunging into adventures in a world built from the parts of the constructor. Here you will find not only elements of action and platforming, but also a lot of puzzles, not too difficult, but interesting. Hardcore gamers are likely to bypass this title from Warner Bros side, but the younger generation of players will just love it.

Star Wars: Galactic Defense


krom birds and Lego figures franchise "Star Wars" can offer you a classic tower defense, developed by DeNa studio. Game designers decided not to reinvent the wheel and combine two win-win ideas in their title-the Star Wars universe and a turn-based strategy with battle towers. Unfortunately, in the latest update, the authors added too many pay-to-play elements to this game, to which the gaming community reacted extremely negatively. We hope that the developers will return to Galactic Defense the previous balanced gameplay and it will again become a good title that can be recommended to fans of Luke Skywalker.

Star Wars Pinball 3


G With this development from Zen Studios, everything is clear – pinball is no less win-win than birds and towers. It should be noted that it is this mobile version of the game beloved by many that has the most realistic physics of all such developments. From the very first minutes of the game, you forget that this is not a real pinball table, but a tablet screen-and for this indescribable feeling, we love Star Wars Pinball.

Star Wars: Force Collection


Another development in the theme of "Star Wars", which suffered from an unsuccessful update, but we are waiting for the Konami team to change for the better. The concept of this title is based on the elements of a collectible card game and reminds us of Rage of Bahamut in the style of Star Wars. It has a lot of video inserts and narrative details that provide the right atmosphere, so that the effect of immersion in your favorite topic is provided.