Durango: Wild Lands-tips for starting

Durango: Wild Lands is a new MMO, the gameplay of which is focused on mechanics and ideas of survival. Imagine that Minecraft has met with a mobile MMORPG and dinosaurs – now, perhaps, you will understand what we are talking about.

Your task in this project is to survive at all costs, collecting or even selecting resources, rebuilding the base and doing crafting. In addition, you will have to catch and tame dinosaurs, then ride them to fight with enemy clans.

In this short guide, we offer you some tips to help you get started in Durango. The game itself is quite large-scale, we did not try to cover it all, but for beginners, these tips will be a good help.

Durango: Wild Lands-Tips Career mode: Due to the huge amount of information and content in Durango, it is easy to get lost at first. In order not to get confused from the start, choose the career training mode. In it, you will receive short instructions, simple starting tasks and good rewards that will help you gain a foothold in the game and get an idea of its gameplay.

Recycle bin as storage: As soon as you choose a place for the base camp, your first task will be to craft a basket. Do not be surprised at such a strange, at first glance, task. In this game, you will regularly have problems with inventory – you will have to search and collect a lot of useful items that simply will not fit in your backpack. The basket is the first storage available for crafting. You'll need a few leaves to create it-and that's all, so make it as fast as possible.

Skill Question: As you progress through the game, your level will increase and your skill points will accumulate. They will be useful to you to exchange them for new skills, which means new maneuvers in battle, and the next skills in the field of crafting and much more. Immediately after reaching the next level, we recommend that you build up your skills. Use the Career Guide to get hints on where to move and what exactly to build up.

Clans: Joining a clan gives you access to the clan vault, increases your ranking, and is essentially a booster for every aspect of the game, simplifying gameplay and providing new opportunities for getting T-Stones. Therefore, the task of joining the clan is a priority, and it needs to be paid attention in the very near future.

Occupy the territory: Once you have chosen a place to camp, you need to declare this territory as your own, so that it is not captured by other players. In total, you have 13 slots that allow you to declare the selected zones as your own (for a beginner camp), and it's absolutely free. Use this right as soon as possible, otherwise others will take your place.