Everything you need to know about the event Rampage II: Uprising in Garena Free Fire

In Rampage II: Uprising, the world of Free Fire teeters on the edge, while two competing factions - Bringers and Liberi fight, obsessed with completely different ideas about how to rid the world of evil. So, what does this mean in detail?

Bringers or Liberi: whose side are you on?

One of the biggest questions of Uprising is deciding which faction to join. This is done through a special game interface. Once the choice is made, you will fight to prove your dedication by taking on numerous missions and earning points. Completing tasks for your chosen side can bring you many useful rewards, including the Famine Felon kit, a number of skins for the legendary M1014-Apocalyptic weapon, Bringers and Liberi badges, and much more.

The new Liberi and Bringers skins have retained a similar look to what they were before, with a slight slant towards the avant-garde. You can see some of the art in the illustration above.

“When we decided to expand the Rampage universe to include an entirely new event, we needed to create a new narrative, " says one of Free Fire's narrative designers.The result is four new characters: Morana (death), Odin (war), Cyanus (plague), and Bytz (famine). They joined the Liberi faction and became students of Dee (Death), Tyrian (war), Ivy (plague) , and Munch (Famine), respectively.

Next, the development team added the cast and expanded the world in which these fighters live. Then this incredible storyline had to be integrated into a game event that rewards gamers with both a fascinating narrative and, of course, a lot of loot.

Promised events

Rampage II: Uprising will include a variety of events, preceding, following, and the day itself, on which everything will take place. There will be a dedicated Rampage interface and a badge collecting event where you will be tasked with collecting Rampage badges to earn Catastrophe Slasher and a themed badge available only on the main day of the event.

This time, everything is planned for July 4 - on this day, four different events will take place:

Aftermath Drop will be exclusive and will give you the opportunity to get a permanent UMP: Cataclysm or Weapon Loot Crate at the end of each match played.

The Plant Map Drop event will take place from July 4 to July 5. During this event, you will interact with different plants scattered on each map. Interactive interaction will increase their size and allow you to get special tokens. The more players interact with the plant at the same time, the faster it will grow.The Friend Callback event will take place from July 4 to July 8 and will give you the opportunity to invite friends to the Rampage campaign to get the Rampage Collection and 99 Weapon Royale Vouchers.And the last event of Rampage 2.0. It's based on an interesting updated fortress defense gameplay mechanic that requires you to capture and hold one of the three points on the map to gain Rampage Warrior superpowers. To win in this mode, you need teamwork.If you're a fan of the battle royale genre and haven't tried Garena Free Fire yet, you can download it from the App Store or Google Play - it's completely free.