FIFA 16 Ultimate Team tips for passing

Impressive and realistic FIFA 16 Ultimate Team gives football fans a chance to finally create their dream team, but if you have not encountered the FIFA series games before, then a few useful tips will not be superfluous. So, what are the problems you will face first?

Kak to get new players

RN Despite the fact that FIFA Ultimate Team gives you one gold player at the start, the rest of the team available to you does not have particularly high parameters. Therefore, your desire to get stronger players is quite logical. You won't be able to buy them immediately in this game, but there are several ways to strengthen your team:

g Buy in the in-game store. This method will be real over time – when, winning matches, you earn at least some amount of coins.

Get achievements. Not all of them will reward you with players, but many of them will, and you will be able to see what level of players you are promised.

Get through transfers. This method can be considered the most real-just like the leaders of real football clubs do. In the tranfer table, you can see which players are offered for sale by other clubs.The search for the player you need here can be organized by level, league, club, nationality and position held in the team

Exchange for another player. Player Exchange mode has become a novelty in this version of the game, but be prepared for the fact that the exchange is not always equal – this method is based on elements of random selection and is good for those who are gambling and ready to take risks.

Play more to earn more

Similar to other games from EA Sports, in this one you earn experience points. The more experience points, the higher your level and, accordingly, the more money you get for participating in matches. In addition, it is important to finish the matches – for this you get a bonus in the form of a certain amount of coins.

Gizuchite all game modes

Single Player Seasons: the name of this mode speaks for itself. In it, you play alone against the artificial intelligence of the system. Here, too, there are leagues and divisions in which you need to fight your way to the top positions, just like in real life. You will start with the 10th division, and you will be able to choose your own leagues and opponents.

Online Seasons: here the situation is a little different – you just go through the seasons of the game, but put your team against real opponents. Multiplayer in FIFA 16 Ultimate Team is very well implemented, and all you need to play in this mode is a stable Internet connection.

Single Player Tournaments: if the previous modes were organized according to the principle of seasons, then here you will find cup matches-tournaments that last for several days. Participation in tournaments may impose certain restrictions on your team – this may apply, for example, to the form.

Learn the controls

You will not have to learn the control mechanics in this game for too long – it is quite clear. The virtual joystick on the left side of the screen helps you control the selected player, and the buttons on the right are customizable depending on the situation. Pay attention to the "Tackle" button - it turns red when you play defense, but you will also use it when you are on offense.

Chemistry: the mood of the players matters

Your task will not only be to select the best and most talented players, but also to maintain a special atmosphere in the team. To do this, the Ultimate Team introduced the concept of Chemistry, the level of which must be maintained as high as possible. Its values can range from zero to 99. What exactly can affect the growth of this parameter?

gRsstavlyayte players to their desired positions. Don't forget that strikers want to be strikers, and central players hardly dream of playing on the flanks. The mood of the player depends on the position he occupies and is displayed on his card - if the image of the boot is green, then everything is fine, yellow means that the player is relatively happy with his position, while red, of course, indicates his dissatisfaction.

Select the players so that they are happy with the combination in which they are forced to play during the match. You will learn about this by the image of the rectangle on the player's card. Its color, as well as the color of the boot, varies from green to red and shows you whether the player is satisfied with the scheme according to which he acts in a match together with his teammates.

Combine players from the same club or the same nationality. The lines connecting the players on the team screen show you whether the players are happy with their position on the same payline. Often, it helps to turn this line into a green line by selecting a pair of players who have something in common – either a club or a nationality.