First look at the Rogue Company Beta Test: shooter with colorful characters

The other day, a new session shooter for PC Rogue Company under the publishing house Hi Rez Studios became available for purchase, which also became an exclusive EGS.

To play it, the developers offer players to purchase one of the options for a set of founders, the cheapest of which in Russia costs 525 rubles, and for foreign users access will cost twice as much. More expensive sets allow you to unlock more characters at the start and get additional currency with cosmetics.

Rogue Company limits the heroes by skills and weapons, so the hero in the battles is best chosen according to the requirements of the team, the game mode and the map on which the battle will take place. There are only 2 combat modes so far: Destruction and Strike. The first is a classic bomb setup, while the second offers point retention.

Interestingly, in Strike mode, players can respawn a limited number of times at the expense of a common pool of points for the entire team. That is, weak players who constantly climb forward can greatly prevent the team from winning simply by spending all the rebirth points. This gives an additional incentive to play as a team with friends or to look for worthy team members in the game itself.

It is also worth noting that despite the high-quality appearance of the game, it was most likely developed for mobile platforms, and its adaptation into a full-fledged PC game will continue.This is indicated by the gyroscope settings, character animations that are greatly simplified, poor transmission of the shooting effect, weak spread when running, ignoring projectile hits when shooting, and other details.

Moreover, at the beginning of the rounds, players jump out of the helicopter, as in a typical battle royale, and although this is due to the possibility of purchasing, such an additional load is hardly an adequate solution for the game and is most likely either a remnant of the battle royale mode or a hint of the future introduction of this mode.

Actually, it was the Chinese clones of PUBG Mobile that often added additional modes from classic shooters to their games, and recently this has become less popular. Nevertheless, the game deserves attention, because it has a number of interesting features that can be seen in our gameplay video with the Rogue Company test:

First of all, it is worth noting the work with edged weapons, which can now be used not only in close combat, but also used as a projectile, which in some cases even have an explosive charge and can be used as grenades. By the way, the game has quite a lot of different types of grenades that allow you to work well with the control of the terrain: smoke, tear, ordinary grenades with an explosion timer, mines and others.

Also, defenders can additionally place barbed wire to slow down opponents or special protective structures to create additional shelters.Shooting from hiding places is a special pleasure in Rogue Company, as the character can hold a weapon in either hand, which means that regardless of the location of the shelter, you can shoot from around the corner equally conveniently. By the way, since the camera in this case works from a third person, when shooting from around a corner, it is important to remember the position of the character himself relative to the shelter, otherwise the cartridges can go into the wall.

However, despite the variety of mechanics, they are all a concentration of various mechanics from mobile projects, which the developers of indie studios tried to surprise when creating their clones of battle royale. In this case, Rogue Company only collected them in their game and released the project on the PC, which is actually not ready for the PC platform.

If the beta testing will fix the animations, player reactions to events, shooting and recoil, then perhaps the game will be able to win the hearts of PC gamers, but in the meantime, this is a mobile game that can be played without an emulator. It sounds interesting, but the game experience does not give even a fraction of the fan and the feeling of action.

The video with the Rogue Company gameplay is taken from our author's YouTube channel.