Games-2015 that went unnoticed by many, but not by us

Among the huge number of annual releases, there are always a few games that for some reason went unnoticed. They do not write about them and do not talk about them, they do not get into the leaderboards of virtual stores, but this does not mean that real little masterpieces are not hidden among them.

We offer you a small list of games that appeared in 2015, and, unfortunately, passed by the close attention of the gaming community.

Adventures of Poco Eco: Lost Sounds

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Want to get inside a music album? Then you should dive into the original gameplay of Poco Eco. This development will be of interest to fans of music games and those who appreciate the interactive experience of interacting with the character and the environment. The Adventures of Poco Eco not only sounds great, it also looks quite stylish. Therefore, you will enjoy both just listening to it, and watching the character's travels in a strange, unlike anything else in the game world.

Shop Heroes

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You should immediately take into account that Shop Heroes is not a clicker game, although you will have to tap on the screen in it in huge quantities. Its gameplay is dedicated to crafting: you will have to make weapons, armor and other useful accessories for the characters of the surrounding fantasy-RPG setting. The interesting thing is that you will be able to trade manufactured items even for premium currency-the economy of this game provides such an opportunity. The idea of Shop Heroes is simple, but incredibly exciting, and the temptation to craft one more thing, and then sell it profitably, will haunt you constantly.

Planet Quest


There are not so many good and noteworthy music games on mobile platforms. Planet Quest is one of them, made in the style of WarioWare and Rhythm Heaven. It will remind you of the Nintendo mini-games, framed in music and expanded to a full-fledged gaming experience.

Sage Solitaire

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ness Despite the fact that Sage Solitaire never reached the top positions in the App Store, it was well received by critics and received excellent reviews, although gamers may not have had time to appreciate it. The author of the game has a good track record – he worked on SpellTower and Ridiculous Fishing, so it is not surprising that he managed to create a very successful mix of genres. Here you will find elements of poker combined with traditional solitaire, and all this together looks very fresh, bringing something unexpectedly interesting to the old game schemes.



G Here is another combination of genres, and, as it turned out, an infinite runner combined with Contra can look good. In Lastronaut, your character survives in a post-apocalyptic pixel future by shooting everything that comes in his way. You will find a variety of weapons scattered throughout the levels, and despite the simplicity of the gameplay, this little game is really cute.

Mabinogi Duel

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gEta collectible card game deserves the closest attention and simply must be appreciated. The gameplay of Mabinogi Duel is more focused on single-player mode, unlike most of the competing games. It is distinguished not only by the depth of the narrative, but also by humorous dialogues, memorable characters and, of course, original situations that require non-standard solutions. This game also provides multiplayer, but it is not so interesting.


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Grumz offers you an original way to avoid obstacles. The developers themselves call it " infinite stopper". In it, you will have to tap on the screen to stop the rolling ball and prevent it from colliding with objects that suddenly appear on the way. It sounds very simple, but it may seem so only at first glance. In fact, you will need a remarkable reaction speed and the ability to act very quickly. The minimalistic graphics of this game look surprisingly stylish, attracting the eye and combining with the gameplay just perfectly.