Games about magic on Android: creating magic on touchscreens

The real world provides us with a lot of opportunities, but sometimes there is a desire to influence reality in not quite ordinary ways. And let magic and magic exist only in fairy tales and legends - who among us has not dreamed of a miracle created by his own hands.

Mobile games will help us do this, and they have everything for this - potions and spells, magical creatures and battles. Regardless of the genre of games, magic has long been established in the world of gaming and gives us a real sense of wonder.


Card strategies are not alien to magic — rather, on the contrary, without magic and spells in many of them simply can not do. You will not only choose your heroes, form your own battle deck, think through a strategy of actions and participate in exciting battles — you can not do without the ability to summon creatures and use magic here. This is an integral part of the promotion to victory of both masters of card gameplay and beginners of the genre.

Might & Magic: Guardians of the Elements

The action of this strategic RPG develops in the universe of Might & Magic, the name of which speaks for itself — magic is here at every turn. Some strategic skills and the ability to develop your heroes will not be enough for you to advance in this game. The basis of its gameplay is the magic of the elements, which gives you the opportunity to win, magic symbols enhance the abilities of your characters, and the altar allows you to summon amazing creatures that will become your irreplaceable assistants and defenders in exciting battles.

Lineage 2: Revolution

The magnificent world of Lineage 2: Revolution is steeped in magic — magic is everywhere in this MMORPG. Choose a character with different spells, and you will be able to strike enemies at a distance, heal friends and take part in large-scale battles. Battles with the forces of darkness have never been so realistic, and special effects from the use of magic thanks to the Unreal Engine 4 engine look just amazing.

Arena of Valor

The MOBA genre is also no stranger to magic — and this spectacular battle arena from Tencent offers gamers 5-on-5 player battles in real time using magical elements (if, of course, you choose a magician as one of your fighters). A spell-wielding hero will not disappoint you — he is indispensable in battles at a distance and is able to influence a group of enemies while remaining invulnerable.

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery

The very name of Harry Potter in the title of the game already makes it clear that magic will be the basis of its gameplay. Here you will study at Hogwarts, the most famous school of magic, where you will meet all the well-known characters of the amazing universe created by J. K. Rowling. This RPG will allow you to get your own letter of invitation to Hogwarts, get into your favorite faculty, learn spells, chat with Professor Dumbledore and experience many adventures.

Fantastic Beasts

And again, the magical universe of Harry Potter, but this time the action in it develops long before his birth. This casual game, the essence of which is solving puzzles and searching for objects, will offer you to conduct investigations, search for magical creatures, search for clues and use magic. Dragons and centaurs, unicorns and other incredible creatures-here you can meet anyone, and the secrets and riddles in this game are no less than charms and magic.

Taichi Panda 3: Dragon Hunter

On the planet Avzar, magic is the norm, and the battles between the forces of light and darkness that erupt there are impossible without the use of magic. It will allow you to summon amazing and dangerous creatures-mounts, tame them and fight side by side against the dark warriors. In this spectacular MMORPG, you will have access to dragon flights and a variety of missions in a huge 3D world.

Minecraft < p>

What does survival in a world built from voxel blocks have in common with magic?It would seem nothing, but it is not. Here you will not only build buildings and entire cities, communicate with the locals and fight with mobs, but also use potions, enchant weapons and armor, and even build portals. As you can see, there is a place for miracles and magic in the world of Minecraft — and this turns a dull survival into a series of amazing adventures.

Cut the Rope: Magic

The famous Cut the Rope series is also no stranger to magic — cute Am Yum now knows how to transform into a variety of creatures, and the goal of these transformations is, as always, candy. This time they were stolen by an evil wizard and to return them,the cute monster Am Yum is ready for much, even for the use of magical skills-otherwise he will not solve all the proposed puzzles and find his favorite sweets.

Magic: The Gathering – Puzzle Quest

At the intersection of the card game and RPG genres with elements of "collect three in a row", players got something interesting — new adventures of Planeswalker mages in the Magic multiverse. Players will have to master the skills of mana management, become masters of spells and learn how to summon powerful magical creatures to help. Competitive gameplay with tournaments and asynchronous duels included.