Games similar to Frostpunk: apocalypse, construction and survival

At the beginning of this week, it became known that the popular urban planning simulator with elements of survival Frostpunk will still be released on mobile. There are only two nuances. First, it seems to be not a port, but a new game designed specifically for mobile. Secondly, the development is handled by a third-party studio, not 11 bit studios. And while fans of the project are anxiously waiting to hear more about the game, hoping that the coveted partner will not be NetEase or some other Asian companies, meet a selection of Frostpunk-like projects that can brighten up the wait.

This War of Mine 11 bit studios became famous for the game This War of Mine, and it is simply impossible not to mention it here. Frostpunk is not only a winter atmosphere and the construction of your own settlement, but also a constant complex moral decisions, due to which the last project of the developers became famous.

In This War of Mine, the action takes place in wartime, but the main characters are not the usual soldiers for the genre, who can independently lay a hundred enemies, but ordinary people. People with their own stories, fears, and aspirations.

They need to be fed, kept warm, and their mental health monitored. Sometimes-to go out on sorties to find new supplies. This War of Mine is designed so that even with a strong desire, you will not be able to play a good and fair judge. The game is guided by the principle: "the strongest survives". You can take the life of a lonely grandfather to get supplies for your entire group, or you can regret it, but who knows what will happen tomorrow.

Pocket cityfor a long time on mobile there was no decent urban planning simulator. For casual gamers, SimCity BuildIt and other analogues were released, but there was less interesting gameplay in them than in the representatives of the genre from computers 20 years ago. And then Pocket City came out and showed that you can do well even on mobile devices.

It's still not Cities: Skylines or even SimCity, but it's still a full-fledged game that has all the attributes of the genre. It has excellent pixel graphics and a lot of content for implementing your own urban ideas.

The unique advantages include the availability of a free version in Google Play, which allows you to get acquainted with the gameplay before purchase, and active support for the game by developers. Since its release in the summer of 2018, Pocket City has twice as much content as it had at the start. And, of course, no transactions, timers, or ads.

The Bonfire: Forsaken Lands If you are building in a peaceful environment in Pocket City and need to think more about the aesthetic side of the issue, then the element of survival plays an important role in Bonfire. Moreover, the action here also takes place in snowy scenery.

You have a camp and a group of people who live in it. To survive, you need to collect resources and build new structures. And at night, different creatures come to your domain, which you need to fight back.

Despite the rather simple appearance and a lot of unpolished elements, the game has found an army of fans, and in the fall of 2019, the developers announced a full-fledged sequel with the subtitle Uncharted Shores, which will change the camera position and will certainly get new game mechanics. Definitely worth the wait.

Fallout Shelter What big companies have no equal in is the ability to release bad games on popular franchises on mobile. Take Command & Conquer from EA or Assassin's Creed from Ubisoft — you can't even call them games. Bethesda also did not particularly distinguish itself with its The Elder Scrolls: Blades, but before it, the company had a very good project — Fallout Shelter.

Although free, it perfectly beats the familiar Fallout setting and even spawned a bunch of imitators.

Here, too, you build your own shelter, monitor the well-being of its inhabitants and send individual members to explore. Surprisingly, you can not even think about the fact that the game is free and requires something from you.

The main problem with Fallout Shelter is the desire of the developers to make entertainment for everyone, which is why it turned out to be too simple. But if mobile Frostpunk is planned in the same spirit, then let it be similar at least to Fallout Shelter.

SYMMETRY Space SurvivalThe action of SYMMETRY is transferred to an abandoned planet, but the rules of the game do not differ from other similar projects. There is a squad, there is an inhospitable environment and the need to keep everyone alive.

After the crash of a spaceship, you find yourself on an unknown planet, where "everything is not what it seems". However, here you not only perform the procedures necessary for survival, but really explore new places and reveal the twists and turns of the plot.

With Frostpunk, this game is related not only to the elements of survival, but also to the snowy atmosphere. And in general, the game looks very nice for a mobile project, offering a unique visual style.

You should not expect innovation from SYMMETRY, but for fans of survival simulators — a good choice.

TheoTownTheoTown was probably the only worthy representative of the genre of urban planning simulators on mobile before the appearance of Pocket City, but on iOS it appeared only last year.

The graphics here are pixelated, even easier than in Pocket City, but it also allows you to diverge even more in terms of the scale of your projects.

The main feature of the game is — the ability to create your own plugins and add the content that the developers did not provide.

TheoTown has an impressive community that has created tons of new content for the game over the years. The disadvantages include a mediocre system of economics — the game is more about construction than management, but its extensibility justifies a few shortcomings.

60 Seconds!One of the most popular projects in this collection, which differs markedly from Frostpunk in visual style and gameplay, but is still dedicated to survival.

60 seconds from the name is the time that is given to you to collect the necessary things (including family) and hide in a bomb shelter. After that, the survival process begins, during which you allocate resources, decide who will go on exploration and, for example, what to do with the invasion of cockroaches.

But the main difference is the mood. If Frostpunk is really capable of driving you into depression with individual events and decisions that you will have to make, then 60 Seconds! full of black humor and self-irony.

Project Nidhis, technically, Project Highrise can also be attributed to urban planning simulators, but here the city is built in height. You have to take up the construction and management of a huge skyscraper.

The developers note that from the moment of digging a pit in this game, you become both an architect, developer and owner. You will have to decide what to build, how it will look like and how to make money on it all.

You can build both a huge residential building and a skyscraper-an office that will attract the richest companies from around the world.

Project Highrise is not difficult, but the gameplay itself is addictive for dozens of hours. And the replayability is at the highest level.

sheltered Conceptually Sheltered in 60 Seconds! In the world of this game, the end of the world also happened, and you have to manage four family members, but after that, the similarities end. Sheltered is much more dark and serious.

You must keep an eye on your own family, keep the shelter in order, and respond to threats from the outside world. This game simulates a lot of things at the same time, so as a survival simulator, it is more difficult.

The graphics here are pixelated, but it is compensated by a full-fledged role-playing system, with the help of which your characters develop as they progress. The main problem with Sheltered is the lack of updates, which means that there is much more content on the PC than on mobile devices.

Dead in BermudaDead in Bermuda is also a mix of survival, control simulator and RPG. Here under your control are as many as 8 survivors of the plane crash.

Special emphasis is placed on the interaction of the characters. They constantly communicate with each other here, which leads to various unusual situations.

The basis of the gameplay is different tasks that the characters perform during the day. There are also role-playing mechanics: each character has characteristics and skills. They need to be used by assigning responsibilities and choosing which direction to move in.

There is no familiar apocalyptic atmosphere, but the game stands out from other projects due to the constant dialogue.

There aren't many Frostpunk-like games on mobile. But in truth, they are not so easy to find on the computer. The reason is that the project is unique. That's probably why it became so popular. And the announcement of the mobile version is really good news. We can only hope that it will be as close as possible to what is on the PC and consoles, and not just copy the name.