Kirby's Dream Land

The gluttonous King Dedede has stolen all the food in the Dream Land, as well as the Sparking Stars! Now everyone is hungry for food! Follow Kirby as he stops Dedede and recovers all the food in this action-platformer video game Kirby's Dream Land! Kirby's Dream Land is a fun traditional Kirby platformer video game released for the Nintendo Game Boy back in 1992. The game was the very first game in the Kirby series and has been followed by many sequels ever since. The game was very well received and has sold more than 1.3 million copies all over the world. Kirby was only meant to be a placeholder or a dummy character meant to be replaced when a proper, more detailed character is created. However, during the course of time, the creator grew fond of Kirby that he decided to make him the main character.


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