Pokemon Brown

Venture in the world full of pocket monsters and become the best Pokemon trainer in Pokemon Brown! A Hack ROM Gameboy Color emulator game which was based on Pokemon Red. This ROM hack was released last 2014 and was created by a veteran hacker named Koolboyman. New types of Pokemon are added in this game as well as new skills and abilities that make it unique from other Pokemon games. In Pokemon Brown, you will follow the footsteps of your father and explore the world full of pocket monsters to become a renowned Pokemon master. Try to catch all different types of pocket monsters and understand each of their unique skills and abilities in order to bring out the best in them as you face different battles and complete challenging quests. Explore different towns, fields, and dungeons as you advance on the game and challenge Pokemon gyms in every town in order to acquire badges needed for the tournaments. Be victorious and live in an exciting world filled with Pokemon!


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