Pokemon White Version

Welcome to the Unova Region, a new land filled with a lot of new and different Pokémon! Make your way to the Pokémon League and be a Pokémon master in Pokémon White! Pokémon White is an RPG strategy adventure game originally released in 2010 for the NDS. This game is a ROM hack that allows you to play Pokemon White on the GBC platform. The game begins in Nuvema Town and Professor Juniper left you three Pokémon to start your journey with, alongside your childhood friends Cheren, and Bianca. Choose your team wisely composed of the best Pokemon and fulfill your dreams to be a Pokémon Master! Thwart Team Plasma’s plans and save the Pokémon and their Trainers! Be ready to meet the fire-breathing Reshiram and the icy Kyurem! Complete your Pokédex by capturing all of the Pokémon in the Unova Region! Good luck trainers!


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