Guide: the best AFK Arena heroes in each class

Our guide to AFK Arena is designed to solve the age-old question: which heroes should you choose for your team. This is an important question when playing a gacha role-playing game like AFK Arena, as resources are minimal for those who like to play for free (which is pretty much all of us). You don't want to spend what little you have on heroes that you just won't use in the long run.

We have compiled a complete list of AFK Arena levels, included the best tanks, support heroes, warriors, rangers, and mages in this list, and sorted them by rank.

We will also update this guide regularly so that you can always come back after updating the game and make your dream team again.

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List of the best heroes in AFK ARENA:Magi

Level S-Ainz Ooal Gown, Flora, Hazard, Mehira, Safia, Zafrael Level A-Lorsan, Auden, Pippa, Skriat Level B-Belinda, Satrana, Shemira, Solis Level C-Isabellarangers

Level S-Athalia, Eyron, Ezio, Ferael, Gwyneth, Lucretia, Lika, Nakoruru Level A-Drez, Fawkes, Joker, Keltur, Kren, Tidusu Level B-Kaz, Theovin, Vurk Level C-no Hero Level D-Oscar, Tain Support

Level S - Elijah and Laila, Ezizh, Mortas, Rosalina, Rowan, Talen, Tasi Level A - Nemora, Numisu, Silasuroven B-Rainuroven C-no heroevroven D - no heroevTanki

Level S-Albedo, Arthur, Daimon, Mesoth, Orthros, Skreg, Toran Level A-Gorvo, Grejul, Hendrik Level B-Anoki, Brutus, Lucius, Tornu Level C-Ulmusu Level D-no Heroevoiny

Level S - Alna, Isolde, Nara, Saurus, Wu Kong, Zolrat Level A-Queen, Varek Level B-Estrilda, Hasos Level C-Antandra, Baden, Rigby, UKeU Level D-SeirusVot and all the best heroes in the AFK ARENA game at the moment. If you're looking for something new, take a look at our list of the best gacha games for mobile devices.