Guide: The Best Champions in League of Legends: Wild Rift to the middle line

In the last guide to League of Legends: Wild Rift, we looked at several Champions that are ideal for a single line or a "Baron line". Now let's look at the best heroes for another difficult line, namely, the middle one. Sometimes there are text fights in the chat for it, so I recommend either going with friends, or immediately choosing the right Champion and pressing "I'll go to the middle line". Some of the characters that we reviewed in the last guide can safely approach standing on the "mid", which is logical: if they are adapted to stand alone on the line of the Baron, then why not stand on the mid? As always, I took screenshots on the iPhone 8, and I also chose the selections myself. I present a list of Champions that we will analyze:

Ari — cute magician with cat ears Serafina — a member of the group K/DA and pop zvezdaFizz-a sea monster with small teeth Mized — a ruthless assassin with a cool mask Lux — a healer and a magician in one flakoneAri

Ari — a big — eared imp, who with his magic spells can sometimes replace several Champions, Blitzkrank exactly (he was ponerfili recently, by the way). She is perfect for the mid, not only because of the ranged combat, but also because of her skills. Passive allows you to accumulate charges. which restore health. The first skill is the "Sphere of Deception"; it flies forward and back, dealing damage twice. The second skill — "Fox Fire"; launches 3 lights at opponents, which increase the speed of Ari for a short time. The third skill is very useful — "Charm". Ari seduces the first person who gets in the way of the spell and he follows her for a short time. This helped me a couple of times to get the enemy under my tower with my own hands. I didn't appreciate Ari's Ultimate — it's a dash that can be done three times; it's unlikely to bounce off enemies, but it will be possible to deal a little magic damage. Therefore, when pumping, we place great emphasis on the first and third skills, then the second; we pump the ultimate last.

When creating the "Koteyka" build, I focused on Ari's survival rate, but not only that. With the selected items, she will always increase her damage, as well as restore mana and health from participating in battles. This is a very aggressive build that encourages you to stay in the thick of things. Runes allow you to increase your maximum mana and finish off half-dead Champions faster. Since it is impossible to make a tank out of Ari, I decided to add Healing to the spells, while leaving the Ignition for more aggression on midu and in team battles.

Koteyka is a tough opponent who does not forgive enemy mistakes and wants to kill Serafina

Wild Rift tells us that it is very easy to play for Serafina, but it is not so. If with all the previous characters, I would advise you to be as aggressive as possible, then here I can recommend staying as far away from enemy Champions and towers as possible. At the same time, she has a fairly high magic damage and if you do not get into trouble, then our pop star can safely keep the middle line. The first skill — "High Note"; deals damage by area, while the less health the enemy has, the more damage. Savvy? The second skill - "Surround sound"; puts a shield on the allies, increases their movement. The third skill deals damage and slows down, while the ultimate punches and slows down enemy Champions. At the mid, we pump in the first and third skills, then ulta. When team battles begin, we pay attention to the second skill.

The layout with the "Pop Star" build is as follows: I gave Serafina a lot of items to increase or restore health, so that she does not run away after each tower attack on the base (this can be, believe me). Again, the more we are in the battle, the higher the damage. Mana is generated passively and from incoming damage. Active skills slow down the target for one second; if you immediately apply the ultimate after that, the enemies will be immobilized. Runes also help Serafina with survivability, plus increase damage to enemies with low health (see the description of the first skill and rejoice). Using the spell "Barrier", and then the second skill, you will restore the HP of your allies, and not put a shield on them.

Pop Star — demanding and a little capricious, but in return you get a lot of emotions and a victory in karmaneFizz

So, this time the difficulty level of the Champion does not lie — for Fizz you will have to get used to playing correctly. This is a killer, mider and roamer with magic damage; his chances of winning increase if you constantly finish off the creeps to level up and collect items. To do this, first of all, we pump the second skill - "Bloodthirsty Wave"; it charges the next auto-attack of Fizz and if we kill the creep / Champion, the rollback is about one second. Thus, a pack of creeps flies away in 10-20 seconds. The next necessary skill is "Deception"; Fizz jumps to the specified place, becomes invulnerable for a short moment and deals damage, slowing down nearby opponents. Ultimate — " Live bait Fishing»; Fizz throws a mark at the player, who is attacked by a shark from under the ground after a while, dealing good damage and stunning / knocking out nearby Champions. To the maximum, we pump the second and third abilities, then the ultimate. By the way, Fizz's passive attacks additionally deal magic damage.

The "Joker" build is aimed at increasing health, mana, and magical punching skills, which will make Fizz a dangerous killer. The "Ionian Stasis" item freezes our little friend, allowing him to catch his breath and think about whether to attack or retreat. Runes are aimed at accumulating charges for additional damage, for serious damage to frail Champions and quick recovery of skills, health and mana. Spells give you the opportunity to set fire to a fleeing enemy, catch up with him or retreat. Don't forget to walk the lines and help your allies.

The Joker-he is difficult to catch and impossible to stop; a real threat throughout the Matchazed

Now we move on to one of the most challenging characters in our collection, at least that's what Wild Rift says. Zed is a killer, whose main feature is a huge damage. At the same time, you should be very careful: enemy Champions kill in a matter of seconds. But in the current meta (update 1.1) Zed is considered one of the best miders along with Ari. Be afraid of Akali, because competent opponents choose her for the mid against Zed. The order of pumping skills: in the first place there is a "Shuriken Throw", then "Shadow cut". Next to them is the "Living Shadow" Ultimate is better to swing last, because without proper damage, it will act as a dash to the opponent with a long rollback, and if you take into account the weak survivability of Zed, it will often mean death.

The Shredder build increases the damage from Zed's physical attacks and skills. At the same time, we have boots with the effect of vampirism, which, together with a large damage in the late stage, means that the problem with small health is solved as long as we are not controlled. One of the items is often collected on tanks due to the "+40 to armor " and allows you to resurrect in the middle of a battle with 50% of your maximum health. Runes are aimed at additional damage, as well as increasing max health and speeding up skill cooldowns. The last two points depend on the number of kills, so do not be afraid to competently participate in battles and take away enemies.

Any winner must be prepared for what the losers are not ready for. < p>

Lux may seem like the perfect support, but this is only the first impression: with the right items and skills, it will become a horror for all the puny characters (I mean you, Zed). Its main advantages are its ease of development and support for allies both in terms of damage and treatment. At the same time, it is worth understanding that she is not a tank, and if you go too far, she will die right after Zed. But at a long distance, she can annoy with her skills, second only to Serafina. When pumping, we focus on the " Glowing Singularity "(slows down and deals damage to the area), then" Light Binding "(deals damage and immobilizes two enemies); finally, we leave the" Prismatic Barrier " (imposes a shield against incoming damage). With the Ultimate, Lux releases a powerful beam of light across the entire map.; it ignites and applies an Illumination effect.

The Jain build aims to extract maximum damage from Lux skills, just like the build for Zed. Items in most cases increase the power of skills and magical penetration, as well as slightly increase the level of health and mana for greater survivability. Two runes are aimed at constant aggression with additional damage to enemy Champions, and the other two restore the main Lux indicators. Spells are standard-Ignite for fleeing enemies and Jump for retreating or approaching.

Jaina is not only the best magician in the Wild Gorge, but also a great supportchit also:Guide: The best Champions in League of Legends: Wild Rift on a single lineGuide to League of Legends: Wild Rift — 5 ways to quickly upgrade and open ranked games