Guide to factions in EVE Echoes: choosing the best faction in the space sandbox

EVE Echoes, like its progenitor — EVE Online — throws players into the abyss of events. On the one hand, this is understandable, because EVE is first and foremost a sandbox, where players are free to do whatever they want. But with great power comes great responsibility, and even small decisions will have big consequences for your development in the game. So we decided to write a guide where we will tell you about the factions and which of them is best suited to your style of play.

The effects of choosing a faction affect several things: where in New Eden you start, what ships and equipment are available. In the beginning, of course, it doesn't really matter, because everyone has equal advantages. One way or another, it is impossible to know the ideal faction and nation for yourself in advance: you need to try each one and then decide.

If you don't know anything about EVE Echoes, a review of this game is available on our website, as well as a guide for a quick start. And we move on to what we are all here for: a review of all the in — game factions and decide which one is best suited for you.

AmarrDeviz Empire: "There is only one God."

The Amarr Empire is the oldest in New Eden. Her society is very religious. They have the best army, and they are also engaged in slavery. Here are their initial specializations:

Lasers: Thermal damage Drones: Remote control with various functions Armor: Easy repair defenseother citizens of the Amarr Empire are divided into three nations:

True Amarrans-PolitikiU men's political mindset, excellent tacticswomen are the pillar of the family-Kunni-merchants men are cunning and treacherous women are charming but suspicious men-warriors Men are militant women are independentverdict — if you like to dominate the weak, then choose the Amarr Empire.

Federation of GallenteDevis: "Freedom is priceless".The Gallente Federation is a freedom-loving faction that has brought together the best leaders, scientists, and businessmen in modern history. They recognize immigration and equal rewards for all. Their initial specializations are as follows:

< /p>Railgun: instantaneous kinetic and thermal damage Drones: remote control with various functions Armor: easy fix protection Gallente is divided into three nations:

True Gallentans-Freedom fighters Men are ambitious and never sit in a place Women love to work and live Hard-thinkers Men are methodical and cautious women are creative Jin-mei-careerist men hate change if they do not promise benefits Women take risks and are also calm about change Dictate — if you can't imagine your life without freedom, then you definitely have a place in the Gallente Federation.

KaldariDeviz State: "Order, loyalty, responsibility".

Caldari recognizes dictatorship, patriotism, and fearlessness. Here are the following advantages of representatives of this faction::

Railgun: instantaneous kinetic and thermal damage Missiles: slow impact with high damage Shield: fast recovery Among the inhabitants of Caldari there are also three nations:

Deteis-despots of men have a strategic mindset. Love the order of women are calm and collected by the world-competitive men are hardworking, follow the moral principles of women are disciplined, strive for perfectachura-introverted men are calm and objective Women often become teachers, mentors and philosophersverdict-do you believe in duty and discipline? Then join the ranks of the citizens of the state of Kaldari.

Republic of MinmatarDeviz: "Never give in".

The inhabitants of the Republic of Minmatar are real space nomads. Although the republic has borders, its inhabitants often live in different parts of New Eden. They have the following features:

A gun: does not require energyschit: quick restorationbrony: easy repair protectionsredi Minmatarians also have three nations:

Self-engineer Men like to think and create engineering innovations Women are smart and capable in mathbrutor-Physically gifted men are strong and resolute women are dominant and often succeedsverokior-Ordinary philistines Men are resourceful and insightful women are practical and rely on their intuitionverdict — if you like to travel, then sign up for the Republic of Minmatar.

Which faction and nation should you choose in EVE Echoes?This question is very subjective, but you will not miss if you make your choice based on the advantages of each of the options offered. Also, don't forget that EVE Echoes is an RPG, so you don't have to play the role. Think about which characters you usually prefer in sci-fi movies. Maybe you just think the name of the faction is cool. You don't have to fly on one ship, because spaceships of other factions can always be purchased on the market. So, in the end, the choice is up to you.