Guide to Final Blade: tips for a successful start

Like all strategic RPGs, Final Blade is quite complex, despite its cartoon graphics. There are a lot of different tasks and content, and it is not so easy to understand all this. We offer you some tips that relate to the basics of the game and a successful start in it.

At the start of Step 1 - Choose a characterthis is the first thing you will have to do in this game. Each character here has unique skills, strengths and weaknesses, and you need to learn them to match the characters according to your own style of play.

Step 2 - Training Levelfinal Blade starts with the training level. Here you will get acquainted with the features of the game – learn about spirits, luminous substances that leave the bodies of defeated enemies. They must be collected to get sapphires and pearls. In the future, you will get access to the Fairies who will do it for you.

Despite the convenience of manual mode, sometimes you should use automatic functions here, but in autoplay mode it is impossible to collect spirits. This is where the fairies will come in handy.

Step 3-After training, after the training level, visit the Guide item in the main menu – it will allow you to get the sapphires. After that, you will be able to summon a new hero in the in-game store, and then your team will become full-fledged. You can add this hero to it using the Formation button on the main screen.

Next, complete the first section of the game-this will give you the opportunity to increase the number of tickets for summoning heroes by 10 times. And do not forget about the equipment earned in the battles. You can not only use it, but also sell it, or upgrade it to improve its parameters.

Step 4-Completing the mission Then you need to select the Event menu and go through the highlighted events in it. After that, the Mission icon will allow you to complete the suggested missions. You will receive rewards for all these passes in the mailbox in the upper-right corner of the screen. Try to pass each level for 3 stars, for which you increase the level of the team and go through unsuccessful missions again.

Step 5-Unlock new content Gradually moving through the game, you will open new options - Training, Battle, Clan, Duel and Explore. All of them will help not only to diversify the gameplay, but also to earn XP and loot. Don't forget to join the clan – it will speed up your progress.

Step 6-Managementwhen you collect 10K sapphires, it's time to visit the store to summon several heroes at the same time. It will cost 10% less. Then, on the Manage page, you can start improving your heroes. Your original team, consisting of Inrang, Woohee, Yongju, Muchun and Diane, is very good, so you can upgrade it without changing it. Equipment should also be improved, at least to level 3.

Tippersonages and Classesfinal Blade offers a wide selection of characters, divided into five classes: Warrior, Assassin, Mage, Monk, and Shooter.

Warriors are good everywhere-both in attack and defense.The assassins are agile and extremely strong.Mages are able to have an effect over a large area and provide debuffs to opponents.Shooters are good at a distance, stay behind the team and destroy enemies at a long distance.Monks - perfect healers for the whole team.Power-up and Combosfinal Blade allows you to power up your heroes and combine them. The speed at which they can be enhanced depends on their rarity and the number of stars. The more rare a hero is, the faster it can be improved.

If you want to improve two heroes to the maximum level, you can combine them – this will allow you to create a new, more rare one. But its class will be random – combining, for example, two warriors, you can get a mage. The hero type can be changed in this case, but it requires sapphires.

Hero Training mode Hero training mode opens after several completed levels and offers you the opportunity to get a booster in the form of experience points. Each master can only train a hero once every few hours, but as you level up your characters, you'll be able to unlock new masters. In addition, you can join a clan and train your heroes together with your clan friends – this will give you additional XP.Equipment Each class has its own set of equipment, which in turn also differs by class and level. There are three classes and five levels of equipment. But, you can improve it by ten levels at once, if you pass daily quests in the dungeons.

RAID Gradually moving through the game, you will unlock new modes, one of which is raids against bosses, in which you can summon a big boss and fight with him. This mode works in PvE, but you can request the help of your friends in it if you need it.

Daily Dungeon mode offers daily quests, the passage of which guarantees rich loot and good equipment, but you will have to experiment with your heroes and understand which ones are ideal for this mode.

Endless Tower mode will only open after level 15. The rewards in it will be gold, sapphires, equipment and even heroes, but keep in mind-the passage of it will not be easy. This mode should be approached fully armed., as you'll earn ample rewards in the form of gold, sapphires, gear, and even heroes.

ClanV clan need to join as quickly as possible. This will allow you to take part in raids and clan wars, as well as give you access to the clan store. All this together means rich loot, extra XP, and a lot of other benefits.