Guide to League of Legends: Wild Rift-5 ways to quickly level up and open ranked games

Fast leveling in League of Legends: Wild Rift means that you will get a lot of new Champions and most importantly — unlock the Ranked Mode. We also know that there will be no reset of progress (reset to zero) after the end of the OBT, so you can download your account now. At the very beginning, it is difficult to keep track of everything that is happening on the screen, to understand the main menu, and so on. Therefore, if you have not tried Wild Rift or even the MOBA genre, I recommend reading our huge review: there you will find all the information you need for a beginner. As always, I independently searched for the pumping methods proposed in this article, and took screenshots on the iPhone 8. The main goal for us is to achieve the 10th level, which just opens access to ranked games. Go.

Wild Rift Academy After passing the main branch of training, the so-called "Wild Rift Academy"remains open for us. It is divided into five days, during which we complete modest daily tasks. They are not particularly difficult: to win one match, to use an emotion at least once, and so on. For completing all the tasks for the day, we unlock rewards — Blue Dust, experience, and other resources. Do you see in the screenshot 120 points for each task? This is the experience we need. For the first levels, it is quite good. After completing all the goals and receiving the awards, the Wild Rift Academy closes its doors.

Regular tasks

After leaving training and academies, regular tasks are the most important way to gain experience. Every day you need to go to Wild Rift and check if new ones are available. They are not difficult and are often performed without much attention on your part — just win three matches, show yourself on the good side, get likes from your allies and the matter is in the bag.

This and the next point, which we will discuss, allow you to store energy. It is needed to open the weekly chests. In total, you can get 750 points per week for them. And if we remember that the tasks are performed not just for energy and chests, but also for experience (120 for one mission), then with an active game we can safely add several levels at a time. For clarity, let's see how much each chest gives separately:

First Chest: 120 experience points Second chest: 240 experience points Third Chest: 300 experience pointsIt should be noted that the tests open at the 10th level, so you will not be able to start performing them immediately. At the same time, it is for them that they sometimes give the most points — 150 for one completed task. This is a breath of fresh air at high levels, but at the same time, the missions are not simple — make a triple kill or destroy 15 towers (if we count only those that stand along the lines, then you can only destroy 9 towers per match). Unlike normal tasks, tests can be reset; a maximum of three tests per day are reset. It turns out that if you understand that you can't exactly manage them today, then you get rid of all three and hope that random will throw up more worthwhile ones.

Bonus to experience With increasing the level, we can get special chests, which hide various boosts and bonuses. Right now, the most important thing for us is the "Bonus to experience". It gives you 100% more experience per win than usual. Note that for his action, you must necessarily win, that is, give your best and show your best side. Exactly how many points you will be given for winning both with and without a boost, I can not say, because it depends on the following factors:

Your team did not pass, you did not stand still and did your work, you did not fidilimatch was against real players, not bots, you used a boost for experience

At level 11, along with a bonus, I received 130 XP for winning. So here everything is individual, but we can say for sure: frequent wins, the first victory of the day and the use of experience boosts allows us to reach the level we need much faster. If you take the statistics and reviews of most players in Wild Rift, then the 10th level is reached in 25-30 matches. This includes both wins and losses.

Special eventssupport the community's interest in Wild Rift, developers are going to use special events. The Noxian Brothers event is currently taking place until January 3. For completing all the tasks, we get comic book pages, Blue Dust to buy Champions, as well as one of the two brothers — Darius or Draven. As you can see, there is no experience for these tasks, but there are delicious prizes and I have not listed all of them. We should expect that in the future we will see events that will give out experience as a reward. As an option-a double experience on the weekend.

Is it possible to speed up the pumping in Wild Rift for money?The answer is no. Riot Games was not joking when it said that Wild Rift is not a typical shareware project. Here, the only advantage you have over the enemy is your skill. For in-game currency, you can only buy Champions, skins and emotions for them. You won't find any loopholes or loopholes here. In Wild Rift, you have to invest your time and improve, which should only help the game and its community.