Guide to leveling up in War Robots: we tell you how to develop at the beginning of the game

Mobile action-shooter third-person War Robots has gathered millions of players around the world. Over the past year, the game has been very much transformed and the old guides about pumping have already become irrelevant for both many beginners and veterans of mecha battles.

G In this article, we decided to update the main milestones of the development of the War Robots pilot account and reveal the current sequence of pumping the hangar. The article will take into account upcoming changes, such as supplies and battle rewards, so this guide will have to remain relevant for quite a long time.

After completing the training, players must have 2 slots in the hangar and the Destrier and Cossack robots in the hangar. The first player will change in the near future, but first you can install 2 Pinata rocket launchers on it. But the jumper Kossack will carry its combat duty for quite a long time, so immediately equip it with a physical shield and pump this assembly to level 5-6.

The goal of any player at the beginning of the game is to unlock 5 hangar slots and get the maximum number of forge points. If you do not mind investing real money, then you should buy a beginner's kit with a delivery robot, which will give players 1800 gold for a month.

G In any case, just by leveling up to level 30, the player gets 1500 gold, which is enough for 4 hangar slots. Save the rest of the gold for 5 slots.

chto in any case should not be done by a beginner:

Accelerate the improvement of items

Buy robots for gold

Buy paint robots

Grazblocking 5 slots can take quite a long time, so the beginner's tactic at the beginning is to capture the beacons on the robot Cossack, after the death of which, there will already be pile up damage to get silver and gold. Capturing beacons can allow you to make a significant contribution to the victory of the team despite the weak leveling and 5 additional gold for each winning battle. Do not climb forward with your non-upgraded robots. The best rookie tactic is to play from the team. That is, to hide behind more pumped-up comrades and try to finish off enemy cars. In fact, you will become a support fire for the first time. The task of the player on a weak robot is to be substituted as little as possible. To do this:

Stay close to the shelters-so that the enemy missiles with homing do not get your car

R Do not run forward on the enemy, most often it is better to provide yourself with a fire advantage while the enemy is busy fighting with another member of your team.

You are always near the shelter-missiles with damage on the area will not be able to hit you if there is a corner of the building between you.

S level 20, the player will have access to the forge. At the moment, it is only possible to collect special forge points, for which some types of weapons and machines are sold. Subsequently, the forge will help players exchange various parts for the assembly of machines. Until this happens, players should save up the forge parts and exchange them in daily promotions for Haechi and Bulgasari robot parts. After the 3.6 update, which should be released in the very near future, you can safely add the Spectre and Strider robots to these machines. From the guns it is worth buying parts Dragoon, Ember, Scourge. Naturally, it is most profitable to buy these parts if they are sold together. That is, buy the Scourge parts along with the Haechi and Bulgasari robot parts, but do not spend forge points on the parts of the desired weapon and the Inquisitor robot.

Gthe last one, although it is a strong machine at weak levels, but it is very expensive, and at high levels it noticeably weakens. Also, if you are lucky, there will be a special offer in the promotions for the purchase of parts for the Hover robot and shotguns for the medium Storm slot for 300 forge points. This is not the best weapon and robot in the game, but they more than pay for their price, so buy and do not spare a second.

dl For maximum damage results, the player will need additional robots. As we have already said, spending gold on premium cars at the beginning of the game does not make sense. Before I recommend robots, I will tell you a little about the tools. The guns are best selected so that they are reloaded simultaneously and have the same firing principle and maximum attack range.

gTak Pin can not be put in the same assembly with Pinata, and Zeus with Gekko, although the latter example was very popular for advertising art games. It is best to pair such weapons as Spiral and Hydra, Magnum and Ram, Orkan and Pinata, Thunder and Gast.

Grass View all the cars that are available to the player:

Cossack - we already have one such beast. It makes sense to buy the second and subsequent ones only during special events, during which you need to quickly complete tasks to capture beacons. Arming these machines with something is not worth it, a lot of damage will not work.

Destier is replaced with another machine as soon as possible. Arm it for the time being, you can use the Pinata gun. The gun can be swung, but the robot is pointless.

Gepard was once a great robot for pumping and farming gold, but its days are long gone. Now it makes sense to take it only if you get it in the draw. Arm with Afids or Pinatas. The strength of the Cheetah is in its speed and maneuverability at the beginning of the game. Subsequently, it is pointless to use it.

Schutze can be the first replacement for Destrier. You can arm yourself with a heavy Thunder shotgun, and you should only pump the car up to 3-4 levels. Together with a shotgun, it can cause terrible damage at the start of the game at a distance of up to 200 meters.

Vityaz - if you drop out of roulette in the first days of the game, you can take this machine. Upon reaching level 20, the account is written off for scrap metal. You can be armed with shotguns, machine guns at 700 meters or plasma with a flamethrower. The assembly of the plasma knight may still be effective. But all these tools are not available to the novice, and therefore it is pointless to spend money on its purchase.

Hover - the first car that can be left for a long time. Moderately fast, can fly around an obstacle and has considerable combat power. At first, it is better to arm it with hammers and stay away from opponents. When pumping, it can replace the Kozak. In the future, it is equipped with a Scorge and a magnum or Hydra and a Spiral.

Golem is a weak machine that has long required rebalancing. In terms of strength, it is much inferior to the Knight, but instead it has an average weapon slot. Because of the different slots, it is very difficult for the Golem to pick up weapons, so I do not recommend using it.

Inquisitor is a very expensive robot, similar to Lancelot. It is pointless for a beginner to spend money on it, since the area of its use is very limited, and at high levels, most players are able to counteract its ability. You can equip Orcans and Embers, and you should only buy if the entire hangar is already assembled and the player is in the Champions League.

Kumiho-robot for parts. Prior to the 3.6 update, it is the fastest machine that captures beacons best. With the 3.6 update, a strider will appear in the game, which will move Kumiho from this position with 5 jumps. The car costs about 42,000 gold, so saving up for it at the beginning of the game does not make sense. The machine is armed with Orcans.

Haechi - another machine for parts. It has 2 jumps and an energy shield. The best tactic for this car is to sneak up, give out a lot of damage and get out of the affected area. In this regard, it is better to arm with Storms, Orcans or Shocktranes. Collecting parts for this machine is currently mandatory, as it is one of the easiest to manage and most efficient.

Bulgasari - another mandatory car for the hangar. Best of all, he plays on plasma and is afraid of rocket weapons. It is best to equip Skorjami, Shocktrane and Battering Rams. Most of all, beware of Haechi on Orcans and do not waste jumps in vain, as the ability to recharge this machine is significant.

Gl. Patton is a must-have machine for a beginner. You need to pump it up to level 9, and you can equip it with both machine guns and pin or pinata rocket guns. You can buy 1-2 Patton for the initial stages of the game, and then replace one of them with a Griffin.

Rogatka is an interesting premium robot that perfectly replaces the slingshot and can partly compete with Kumiho for beacons. Alas, its cost bites, and the combat effectiveness leaves much to be desired, since the jump not only gives the Slingshot a combat advantage in speed and cross-country ability, but also opens this robot to enemy fire. The relatively high strength cannot compensate for the severe lack of damage against heavy machines. It is better to refrain from buying a slingshot. You can equip this machine with two Orcans or, temporarily, Battering Rams.

Jesse, Doc, Butch - rare guests on the battlefield due to high speed and relatively low efficiency. I strongly advise you not to buy these robots for gold. Jesse can work with Aphids, Doc can work with Orcans or Hydra, and Butch is great for ranged combat with Trebuchets and Nashorn. Or Zeus and Thunders as a universal assembly.

Boa is a great option as a temporary car in your hangar for minor leagues including the gold one. Subsequently, it becomes less relevant due to the weak firepower and low speed. It is better to equip Boa with Thunder and Storm or Thunder and Orcan. The Boa is a support vehicle, so it's best to accompany your allies with an energy shield. Sell this machine is not worth it, as the developers promise to try out a new system of robot customization on it and the Boa may be relevant again

Gareth - once the strongest light robot is now not the lot. His speed in the current realities leaves much to be desired, and the firepower, which is high for a light car, does not allow him to compete with medium and heavy opponents. You don't need to buy a car. You can use it with Orcan and Magnum, Orcana and Pinata, Magnum and Battering Ram. When meeting with a heavy opponent, you need to clinch with the opponent and run around it at a distance of no more than 1-2 meters.

Galahad-Once was an excellent killing machine due to the shield and good speed. Now it lags behind the competitors in speed. Arming is best with a Battering Ram and Magnums or an Orcan and Pinats. In modern realities, it can successfully work with Gast and Storm shotguns. You should not buy it in any case, but if this car was in your hangar, then be careful and try to avoid the rocket gun. Galahad is suitable for the role of supporting vehicles with an energy shield, and by switching the shield can quickly move between shelters.

Leo is a heavy and relatively slow machine. In modern realities, it is often pointless to buy it, although it can work out the average distance well with hammers and tempest or pins and thunder. The best thing is not to buy it, but to pump it up to a maximum of level 9.

Fury-a machine for long-range and medium combat. Low speed does not allow you to work effectively in close combat, although the damage to the machine is enormous. It works great with Trebuchets, Zeus and Thunder, but such builds are very expensive. Without cover, the machine is meaningless, so if you don't have a permanent platoon, it's better to send these funds somewhere else. Tactically, it is better to hide behind cover and fire from a safe distance.

Lancelot is an excellent heavy machine that remains relevant even after the introduction of Korean machines. It is best to use it now with the Ancil energy shield and two Taran or Scourge energy weapons. If you don't have Rams yet, you don't have to buy them. While you will save up for 5 slots and Lancelot, you will most likely collect a couple of Scourge from the parts. By the way, Ancil can also be obtained for free, as it is often played in events. If you have just started playing, you can temporarily replace the shield with a Thunder and wait for the next Event.

Griffin – The main robot until the purchase of 5 slots and equipment Lancelot. Great for melee and ranged attacks. By jumping, you can dramatically reduce or increase the distance or shoot through an obstacle. You can equip it with Punisher Pulimets, Hammers, Orcans with pinata, Hydra and spirals, Pin and Tulumbas. You must download it up to level 9-11. Alas, to make an mk out of it. 2 is pointless, since it has a lot of more effective opponents in the high leagues. You can buy 3-4 pieces at once.

Natasha is a heavy and cheap analog of Fury. Slow so it's only suitable for close combat in the minor leagues. You can buy it, but you should not pump it at the initial stages. You can equip the long-range guns Nashorn and norikumami, Zeus and Gekko. You can pump the guns right away.

Stalker-like all light machines deals little damage has little durability, but can use the invisibility ability. Can be used to capture beacons. Works well with Aphids, Pinats, and Magnums. It is weak and expensive, so it is better to do without it.

Carnage – a kind of analogue of Haechi with a constant energy shield and the ability to accelerate. The acceleration takes a long time to recharge, which does not allow it to adequately respond to the threat from Haechi. It is better not to buy it, but if possible to win in the event or wait for the workshop to be processed. It works well on Thunderheads with cover or Zeus.

Rhino is a very difficult robot to control, which worked well before the Koreans entered the game. It is useless now, as it cannot react quickly to the situation on the flanks. In the current situation, it is better not to buy it. Previously, it looked good on Orcans and Pinats, but now it is better to use it for medium combat with Hammer-type machine guns.

Fujin – a slow robot with an energy shield in a special mode and three medium slots. Allows you to work well on Hydra damage, but otherwise useless. It does not work well without cover due to low speed, and the cost is too high. It is better not to buy.

Raijin is a heavy slow robot well suited for medium and long range fire. Greater durability, a physical shield, and increased damage in Bastion mode allows you to deal significant damage to it. In close combat, it is also good, but it can not impose the necessary distance on the enemy, so it is better not to use it in this role. It is best to equip with Zeus or Trebuchets, and in the future with a Dragoon gun.

GT Now that we have sorted out the guns and machines, we will talk about the future, which should become real in the very near future - about combat awards. This activity will have to partially replace the daily tasks and give out a certain amount of gold and parts as a prize. In practice, the word replacement is not suitable, since in fact we see in the announcement of combat awards all the same activities as in the usual daily awards - play as a platoon, become top 1 in battle, capture the most beacons, and so on. In return, the player gets a rating, gold and silver, and most importantly, parts for new cars. So we are waiting with impatience, and the newcomers will definitely need to be in the golden league as soon as possible. You can do this in less than a month of active play for 1-2 hours a day. Together with the lottery, this will allow beginners to collect new robots in just 1.5-2 months of active play. And this is very fast by the standards of War Robots.

Lottery and roulette has now become an integral part of the game. You can get something in these activities, but the chance is very small, so I recommend that you do not spend more than 20 gold per day on it and constantly open the same cells. Sooner or later, you'll hit the jackpot. For example, this is how I got 3350 parts for Bulgasari, one of the most expensive robots in the game.

gDannye recommendations should help you refrain from personal purchases and reduce the number of poorly effective actions and purchases to a minimum.

gConcern, War Robots will still be actively developing and the situation may change with any addition, but at the moment all these tips are relevant and are 100% valid.