Guide to Lineage 2 Revolution: tips for beginners, how to develop quickly?

Lineage II: Revolution has brought excellent graphics and solid multi-budget gameplay to mobile platforms. Like most MMORPGs, it is built on constant battles, quests and upgrades, but if you are new to this genre, then you may feel insecure at the start. There is too much going on around, and it will be difficult not to get lost in the surrounding action.

Nash tips are intended for those players who are just starting to master the mobile world of Lineage, but want to achieve rapid progress.


the first thing you probably noticed in Lineage II: Revolution – this game loves to do anything for you. Autobot and automatic quest completion have become commonplace here. At first, you may think that auto-quests are useful, and up to a certain point, they are. The main thing is to stop in time, otherwise your HP and MP levels will be low, and spending gold to increase them is expensive. In addition, the automatic completion of quests does not take into account your location in relation to the enemy. Your characters are able to strike at several enemies at the same time, acting 180 degrees in front of them, but not behind them. Autoboy does not calculate such nuances, so your hero will fight chaotically.

Gvykovat your future

vashe basic equipment is quite suitable - but only for the first time. It needs to be improved as quickly as possible. To get started, choose the best of what you have, and then try to reforge it and level it up. Collect all the equipment of the same type and melt it down – for example, make one of several helmets with much more serious protective characteristics. Note: the more items you combine during the forging process, the more gold it will require from you.

Daily Dungeons

We recommend you to complete daily quests in the dungeons. They are not too difficult, with only one boss, defeating which, you will take away a rich loot. There are a lot of other dungeons that you can visit at any time, the same Tower of Insolence, for example. But you need to enter them with caution - the enemy's CP can be much higher than yours, which means a potential and very likely loss.


Na arena, you can fight with other players ' characters and get rewards for it. Premium currency is not required from you. The main thing is to pick up opponents with a lower level or slightly lower CP. This will allow you to win without much effort. The loot obtained after the victory is very necessary for upgrades, without which you can not do.

he daily rewards

Za daily visit to the game you get chests with rewards, so check the store to make sure not to miss them. In addition, do not forget about the mail-it also needs to be checked. Some of the items given to you will end up right there in the mailbox. They need to be moved to the inventory, otherwise they will not be used in any way. All these rewards will allow you to buy potions, upgrade equipment, and advance to further victories. But don't expect quick results, Lineage II: Revolution takes time.