Guide to Shadowgun War Games: tips for completing the game

Shadowgun War Games is the mobile answer to the popular Overwatch game from the team of creators of Shadowgun Legends. This is a heroic shooter game where you team up with four other players to fight against an opposing team in two multiplayer modes: Team Deathmatch and Capture the Flag.

< /p>If you haven't encountered any hero shooter games yet, we have some tips and tricks to help you navigate and get started quickly.

Tips for choosing characters If you have already played heroic shooters, Shadowgun War Games will seem familiar to you. If not – a short tutorial will guide you through the basics of the game, after which you will be ready to engage in multiplayer battles with real opponents.

You can choose your preferred game mode, which is currently Team Deathmatch, as Capture the Flag is not available for beginners. Press the Play button – and in a few seconds you will find yourself in a match with real opponents.

After a short warm-up battle, you will be given the chance to choose the hero you want to play for. At the start, there are only three options: Slade, the Revenant, and Sarah. Later, other characters will be added to them, among which we recommend Jet and Willow.


He is positioned as a retired Federation Marine whose combat abilities are to be reckoned with. Slade is probably your best bet, as he is a balanced damage dealer class fighter. Both of his assault rifles work well at different distances, he has a good speed, but not too high a level of health. His special skills include:

Grenades that can cause serious AoE damage to anyone who is in the affected area.A first-aid kit that will improve his health in a couple of seconds.Revenant

This stalwart cyborg fighter belongs to an enslaved alien race, he looks menacing and fights fiercely. The Revenant, like Slade, is a good choice for beginners. He has a huge amount of health, plus, he is able to deal huge damage – this is a classic tank. In addition, he has interesting special skills:

Roar or Roar-can temporarily slow down and disorient the opponents in front.Inner Rage, which allows you to reduce damage and at the same time increase the speed of movement to avoid death.SARAH

SARAH is an android, whose abilities and a set of weapons make her an ideal support. She has a fairly balanced stats: good speed and good damage distance, not too high health, but a fast recovery ability. It's a little more difficult to play for than the previous two fighters, but if you prefer to support the team and heal your teammates-why not? Her skills:

Healing shot-throw a special grenade, which, detonating, heals the closest allies.Protective Dome – SARAH creates it to protect her group from enemy fire.Jet

Despite not being the strongest, Jet relies on his speed and quick thinking to outsmart his opponents, rather than attacking them head – on-this is how Jet is positioned in the game. If you are the type of player who likes to move quickly around the arena, wreaking havoc without being noticed, then Jet is your perfect choice. His health and attack range may be low, but he makes up for it with his movement speed and mobility skills:

Time Rift or Time Shift – allows you to avoid trouble by moving the hero in time and making it temporarily invulnerable to attacks.Blink-teleports the Jet to a short distance, allowing you to instantly approach the enemy.Willow is one of the best snipers in the galaxy, and if she becomes your opponent, you'll probably die before you even see her. This is a difficult character to play, but it's worth it. It has an unsurpassed damage range, allowing you to destroy enemies from a safe distance. If someone still dares to approach, you can use a flash mine to temporarily blind them and easily finish them off.

Supercharge-charges bullets with energy, causing additional short-term damage.Flash Mine – a light mine that will blind any enemy who steps on it.No matter which hero you choose, the gameplay is basically the same. You will destroy enemies and support your allies. The team that scores the most kills during the match wins.

After leaving the match, you will receive a rating increase, and, possibly, you will rise in the Battle Pass rating, while receiving rewards.

Hints:Reduce the sensitivity: the default settings may be too sensitive as far as accuracy is concerned, so switch to 35-40 – this will make it much easier to play.Choose a hero that suits your style of play: although we recommend Slade, you may be more suited to the Revenant or Sarah. Experiment with all three until you find the one that suits you best.Rush into battle: in this game, fortune loves the brave. You will not earn a single point for your team if you stay behind, so stay close to your teammates at least, or boldly rush forward.Collect bonuses: they usually just lie in the arena, and can, among other things, heal your hero. Therefore, in between shooting, run and grab them.Get daily rewards. Every day you will receive a reward only for entering the game. If you plan to play long-term, keep this in mind and do not miss the opportunity, as there are not many free "buns"in Shadowgun War Games.