Guide to the Druid in WoW: Classic-quests, builds, and best armor sets

The Druid is the most versatile class in the game. It is able to perform various functions in the game, and it also has the most diverse style of play. Due to the appearance of the animals in which the druid reincarnates, he can be: a healer (healer), a melee and ranged fighter, and of course a tank.

Naturally, at the first level, you will not be able to transform into anyone. However, as the character develops, you will "pass" on the forms and more about this in more detail.

Quest Chains available for Druid Bearblike When you get to level 10, you will be able to start a chain to get a bear shape. It is not difficult to perform, but you will need to prepare for the battle with the 12-level Lunokogtem in the cave. It will be difficult for you to defeat him on 10 lvle alone, it is advisable to ask for help from the characters who are on the same location as you.

Skill " Elimination of poison┬╗At level 14, you will be able to complete a chain of quests for the ability to "eliminate poison". The difficulty in completing the chain of tasks can be aggressive mobs that will be higher than you by several levels. Therefore, you will need to prepare properly, and even better, take a couple of comrades to help.

Water Appearance When you reach level 16, you can start a chain of quests to get a Water appearance. To do this, you will need to talk to the druid mentors in the Tauren capital (Horde) or the Night Elf capital (Alliance). But be prepared to move around a lot, fly and swim, because the whole chain of tasks is built on the great distance of completing tasks.

Also, among other things, the druid will be able to turn into a cat, a marching form and an owl. To do this, you will not need to perform any tasks, but simply learn the forms from the druid trainer.

Appearance of the cat-The original appearance of "Sovukh" or " bumkin┬╗

< /p>Build for easier leveling Druid is a unique class in the game. However, while pumping from level 10 to level 60, you should not download the recovery branch. After all, if you do decide, the pumping process will seem terribly long, dreary, and most likely you just don't want to play as a druid anymore.

Naturally, you can swing in any branch, even in three at once, in parallel, distributing one talent point at each level. However, this will not be as effective and it will take you much longer to reach the maximum level than if you choose the "right" build. When pumping, we recommend swinging in the melee build (cat). It looks something like this:

Also, when you reach level 60, you can play with this build quite successfully. However, let's talk about all the possibilities of drood. If you have a great desire to stand in front of the entire raid and take the brunt of the attack, then the tank build is perfect for you:

But after all, it is more suitable for someone to stand behind the tank and all the melee fighters, attacking the enemy with magic skills, then you can use the appearance of the owl (balance):

However, someone believes that the most useful in the raid is a healer. And that's partly true. After all, this is a character who keeps the entire raid afloat, not allowing the tank, and often many other characters to die, healing and resurrecting them. Then the restor build is perfect for you:

Also, if you want to be a good damager and have enough armor to replace the tank, then this build is perfect for you:

Best PVE and PVP set at level 60The best PVE set you can get in raids at level 60:Tier 3: Dreamer's Robe

< /p>Best PVP set for achievements in the arena:Alliance (left) - Field Marshal's Equipment-Warlord's Equipment

As you have already understood, you can use the druid as you like. However, most of the narrowly focused classes are much better able to cope with the duties of the tank (warriors), healer (priests and paladins), damager (robbers, mages, warlocks, hunters). But do not forget that with the right approach, the druid can deal damage, tanchit, heal allies as well as others.

For many, the druid, even after many years, remains a favorite class, regardless of whether it is stronger or weaker than the other classes. Choose a character class for the soul, for which you will be interested in playing, and you will be happy to return to the game.