Guide to the game Antihero: tips for passing, tactics

If in real life theft is punishable, then in Antihero, a digital board game from Versus Evil, you will find yourself on this, condemned and persecuted side.the persecuted side, becoming the leader of the thieves' guild of the Victorian era. And the tasks facing you will not be so simple. How to deal with them and quickly get used to Antihero? This question will be answered by our selection of useful tips.

How to win in Antihero

The goal of Antihero is to earn more victory points than your opponent will get. There are three ways to earn victory points:

Infiltrate the church to get blackmail points. You earn one such point by entering the same church three times.

Destroy targets to get skulls. Note that goals, even if they are on the map, will not be determined until you explore the area where they are located.

Buy bribes in the guild.

Any of these methods may be more convenient for you, and in combination they work just fine.

Na that the leader is capable of

Master Thief or the leader is not just your avatar. It can perform a lot of useful functions and tasks:

is Explore the fog-covered areas to find out what is there.

Break down buildings to get gold. Some buildings can be hacked twice, but the number of sounders in this case will be less.

Gattack opponents, except for their leader. Upgrades Reinforced Steel and Poison Blade will allow your leader to deal more damage.

The number of actions that your leader can perform is displayed in the indicator above his head. As many green dots, so many actions. You can increase their number through the Expert Scout and Master Scout upgrades in the Sneakery section.

Gizuchite buildings

You need to learn well the types of buildings found in the game, as they play a different role.

business buildings – these buildings can be distinguished by the banner located above them. They can be penetrated by boys, getting resources and upgrades.

Zerkvi – they are located in gray areas, they can also be penetrated by boys, earning you a unit of gold in one turn. Three boys who break into the same church will give you a blackmail point.

Gtorgovy houses – they are important, as they produce lanterns, and without them, most upgrades are impossible.

Klubs-search for them in the brown areas and infiltrate them to upgrade your thugs and bandits.

GPRIUTES – they are located in blue areas and are able to reduce the amount of gold required to hire boys. In addition, they allow you to upgrade the boys so that they can evict the opponent's characters from the houses.

Some scenarios of the campaign and shootout modes offer their own, specialized types of buildings that you will also have to explore.

tRp, what you need to remember when making moves

Antihero will not allow you to finish a move if the actions available to you are not used up. Therefore, you need to:

wperform all actions possible for the leader.

Attract new characters if there is enough gold.

check whether all the characters have completed their actions. Newly hired heroes, by the way, can act in the same turn when you hired them.

Buy upgrades for your characters.

zanyatsya charity. You will have to donate 4 gold units or 2 lanterns during each of your turns, unless, of course, you bought an upgrade.

G As soon as you have done everything possible on this turn and completed all the actions provided, a green icon will appear in the lower right corner. This means that the move can be passed to the opponent.