Guide to the game World of Warships Blitz: strategies and tactics

The popularity of World of Tanks Blitz and all the PC and console hits of Wargaming is beyond doubt. The appearance of World of Warships Blitz on mobile devices was only a matter of time, and now, finally, this game is in front of you. Outwardly, its interface resembles World of Tanks, but since the focus of this game is naval battles, the action in it, of course, develops much more slowly.

Gthe movement and positioning of ships requires much more time than it takes in the course of tank battles, so a different strategy is needed here, taking into account the features of movement in the water, which is fundamentally different from movement on land.

Experienced players from World of Warships and World of Tanks will quickly get used to it, but beginners can use a couple of tips.

Gizuchite management

Grazrabotchiki from Wargaming well thought out the tutorial – they depicted the control scheme and painted it in as much detail as possible. Here they took into account everything, except for one thing-they did not tell about the in-game chat icon located on the left side of the screen. You will definitely need to learn the short commands that you need to communicate with your comrades-in-arms, greetings, requests for help, questions about the direction of movement, and so on. To begin with, we recommend that you observe other players and how they communicate. Get used to the chat – you can not do without it if you plan to play World of Warships seriously.

prodolzhayte move

The huge difference between World of Warships and World of Tanks is that in this game everything is always in motion. And your ship, too. As soon as you stop – turn into easy prey for anyone who moves nearby. Therefore, do not stop moving in any case.

No this does not mean that you need to immediately rush into the thick of events and battles. As a beginner, you'd better move slowly and keep your distance. Jumping forward is the best way to get a hole, so until you get used to the game and learn its features, we recommend that you watch and follow the example of other players, without intercepting the initiative.

Give up in the group, follow the leader

The best tactic to start is to stay with the team. Players in World of Warships are friendly enough, if, of course, you will listen to their advice. Follow the set course, stay close to your team, and stick to the strategy of more experienced players. Try not to approach the destroyer ships until you learn the controls - they are maneuverable and dangerous.

the position in relation to the enemy has the value

As a beginner, you can easily fall into the trap if you only move forward. This is good for achieving the goal, but bad from the point of view of fighting. As soon as you meet with enemy ships, turn around to them so that you have the opportunity to fire broadside guns.

No be careful – at this point, your ship is also vulnerable to enemy fire. On the one hand, your attack is stronger from the side and the enemy ship is easier to hit, but you are in the same position – do not forget about it.

dvizhenie and positioning-these are the two most important parameters in World of Warships, so you will have to study the capabilities and weaknesses of your ship, depending on the angle to the enemy ships it is located.

Watch where you are going

Guchte that the ship takes time to accelerate, turn and stop. Unlike tanks, they can't quickly change direction or accelerate. And the stop does not occur immediately after the given command" Stop". Therefore, you always need to evaluate not the place where the ship is at the moment, but the point where it is going. This means that you can avoid collisions with obstacles only if you start to turn around or change course in advance, without getting too close. Otherwise, your boat will crash very quickly.

This also applies to enemy ships – you will have to aim not at the point where they are now, but at the point where they will be according to your calculations at the moment when your shells reach them. This depends on the type of ship and the guns mounted on it. Of course, with increasing distance, such calculations are more difficult to do. That's why you need to stay at the back of the team to practice your aim before you launch an attack.

G Use reverse gear

World of Warships Blitz ships have reverse gear, but it is better to use it for positioning, rather than to avoid obstacles. This is a rather cumbersome and slow process, so you will not be able to go a long distance and quickly reverse. We advise you to use this technique if the turn is inconvenient or time-consuming for some reason.