Guide to the major update 1.5.19 in Modern Combat Versus

Modern Combat Versus is a multiplayer action-FPS, which feels very good on tablets and smartphones. Since its release, the game has received many updates, but it was the last one, up to version 1.5.19, that brought really important changes that affect the progress of the players themselves and their agents.

Want to know what has changed in the game? This short guide will help you understand the innovations made by the developers of Modern Combat Versus.

How to get more agents

Agents are the characters of Modern Combat Versus, which after the next update of the game has become much easier to get – at least some of them. New agents can be found in the chests, and they, in turn, can be obtained in two ways – stock up on credits earned in battles or spend diamonds – the local premium currency.

Now the agents are divided into groups according to the degree of rarity in this way:

Common: Lock, Mi-Nu, Creeper, Kang

< /p>Rare: Tower, Swift, Juke, Knox

Epic: Gost, Calt

Exotic: Seven, Chapka

Legendary: Monark, Blaze

Heroic: Revolv, Ronen

The degree of rarity does not affect how strong the agent itself is – strength, rather, depends on properly made upgrades. The advantage of the new system is that now you will not receive duplicate agents – as soon as you unlock an agent, it will no longer be found in your chests.

How to strengthen your agent

You can improve your agents through the upgrade system, but the upgrades themselves are specific to each agent. You can find them in chests. There are three levels of upgrades for each agent, and by completing one such level, you get a bonus. For example, a Lock will be rewarded with 1,000 health points if you complete all nine of its first-level upgrades. In addition, the completed level of upgrades unlocks the special abilities of the agent.

If you have problems with certain upgrades and you can't find them in the chests, you can craft them. To do this, you will need tokens, which are also found in the chests. It is easy to guess that high-level upgrades will cost more tokens. If you have collected enough tokens, you can craft an upgrade directly from the Upgrades menu by tapping the Craft button.

How to increase a player's level

Your level of the player in Modern Combat Versus depends on how many upgrades of your agents you managed to spend. As soon as you have made or crafted another upgrade, the number of your experience points increases.

When you get the next player level, you are rewarded with credits – they are in the next issued chest. In addition, with each victory, your loot increases - this will allow you to reati faster in the ranking of your league, which means, again, will increase your rewards.

What's new in the update:

A new map with the ability to play in night mode.

Tickets can now be received both as seasonal rewards and for participating in special events. They can be used to buy skins or player badges, and unused tickets are transferred from one season to another.

Several events can occur simultaneously, and the events themselves have become more diverse.

Daily chests are replaced by a system of contracts. It offers you rewards for completing daily tasks. Contracts are updated every six hours.

The viewer mode has appeared. It allows you to join the match as an observer (up to 4 such observers per match are possible). It provides a view from multiple cameras or on behalf of any of the participating players.