Guide to the MMORPG AxE: Alliance vs Empire — how to get the most out of playing for free

AxE: Alliance vs Empire is the latest major MMORPG for mobile from publisher Nexon. Like most of the modern games in the genre, it copes perfectly, playing on its own, without your participation. Nevertheless, you still make some decisions.

The difference between AxE and full-fledged MMORPGs (such as Old School RuneScape or Villagers & Heroes) can be compared to FIFA and FIFA Manager. In the first, you play directly for the players, controlling their every move, in FIFA Manager-you indirectly influence how the athletes will play the match.

In traditional MMORPGs, you play as a hero, in AxE and other modern projects of the genre-rather, you tell him what to do and watch the process. But despite the minimum of interactive action, advice here is quite possible to give.

We will focus on how to develop your character and tell you what events are best not to miss.

Let your character constantly complete quests: in modern MMORPGs, you will remain helpless until you reach a higher level. And this is only possible when the maximum number of tasks is completed. In AxE, you only need to give the hero the appropriate task, and he will be busy until you come up with something else.Complete daily activities: sooner or later, you will discover tasks that you can complete every day, getting rewards for it. This includes daily dungeons, PvP, and quests. We recommend that you do not ignore them, because otherwise the development will be delayed for a very long time.Choose a class that suits you: this remark may seem silly or inappropriate, but you should not choose a character based on its appearance. Pay attention to the style of play that you like. Like to do a lot of melee damage-take a Titan or a Blademaster. I like to play with a tank — there is a Valkyrie and a Warrior. Those who prefer long-range attacks will choose an Archer or a Mage. But keep in mind that some of the classes are limited by the choice of faction, and the whole game is built on their opposition, so you probably have to compromise.

Take everything that is given for free: the game will actively reward you with free items and currency. It is not necessary to perceive it as something cheap, not representing value. Sometimes you will need to go to the store, sometimes you will need to complete a specific quest. Try to always take advantage of the opportunities provided.Earn Achievements: Unlike achievements in Game Center, which are meta-game achievements that delight you as a player, but do not give you an advantage within the game itself, achievements in AxE affect your character's stats. Therefore, always look at the list and check what is required of you to get extra bonuses. As a rule, these achievements apply to all game modes.Upgrade your equipment: it is much easier to level up your equipment than to find new ones. It's also cheaper. Therefore, when you find something more or less worthwhile, reduce your ardor in terms of finding more and more advanced items and invest resources in improving the existing ones.Do not forget about skills: any of your actions will be more effective if the skill responsible for it is pumped. And this applies not only to active, but also passive skills, as they increase, for example, the damage from automatic combat and your level of protection.Use Hero's Blessing Scrolls: Sometimes you will receive Hero's Blessing Scrolls as a reward, and we recommend using them constantly, because they increase the amount of experience and gold you get for completing quests by 50%. And this will speed up your progress, which is especially valuable in the beginning.Evasion works only with manual control: you are free to send your hero to fight the enemies yourself, but in this case he will take them with brute force and his abilities. If you have to fight with a large boss, it is better to take control of yourself to be able to dodge particularly painful blows.

Join a guild: you will almost certainly enjoy the game more if you invite your friends. If there are no applicants, find a guild and join it. This will not only diversify the game, but also open up more PvP activities.