Guide to the passage of South Park: Phone Destroyer-tips, tactics

It is not so difficult to understand the solo gameplay of South Park: Phone Destroyer, but participating in PvP battles will require some skills and knowledge of the game's features. We do not offer you all the combinations of cards and a detailed description of the game strategy – just a few tips to get your bearings in time and start successfully in multiplayer after getting acquainted with the single-player mode.

GWASHA main goal

Igra invites you to release your inner Cartman and start intimidating and subjugating other heroes. But most PvP matches in it last only three minutes. The health scale of each participant in the fight is divided into three parts and all you need to take care of is that your scale is more complete than the opponent's scale at the end of the match.

Your strategy here should be as follows: make sure that you have one or two more divisions, at these moments pay attention to the defense, delay the time. And if the end of the match is only one minute, and you have a small lag in the level of health-boldly rush forward and attack.

Every card plays a role

Every card in this game has a meaning and meaning that must be considered before you spend energy on using them.

Tanki-these characters hold a good punch and are ideal for protection and protection, and will also be useful to you to get closer to your opponent.

Gboytsy – with them everything is clear: they are good in the first line of attack, especially in hand-to-hand combat. These jack-of-all-trades will be useful for destroying the enemies closest to you.

Assasins - fast and deadly units that are needed to deliver pinpoint strikes on the approaching enemy or the hero himself, if he is nearby. Do not withstand high damage.

Range-units operating at a distance, which are better placed behind the attacking first line of fighters.

Ideally, your PvP deck is a balanced mix of all 4 types of cards.

abilities matter

The abilities of each card also play a role, so you should study them in more detail.

For example, if you are faced with several solid opponents that are difficult to bring down, but, at the same time, you have several of your characters on the playing field, the Shooter Kyle will help you. His ability to increase the attack of all the fighters on the field for a few seconds, will serve you well.

Stolknuvshis with a superior number of opponents, use Captain Wendy-she has a triple shot, which means that minus three of the nearest enemies are provided for you.

Tot Markus is able to deal damage directly to the leader of the enemies with the help of medicines of unknown origin – but it will also help you in battle.

Keep a few cards in reserve to attack the leader directly

When placing cards from the deck on the playing field, leave a few of them for last – they will be useful for fighting with the hero himself after his units are defeated. Do not put all the fighters in the middle of the field for a one-time attack.

gest rather expensive, but effective for such a purpose cards, for example, Mimsy. He is slow, and often becomes a target for attack, but he is able to go straight to the enemy hero and beat him long enough, suffering considerable damage.

G Fireball type cards are multitasking: they will help to hit enemies in a desperate situation when you are cornered, but not only. They are also able to deal damage directly to the leader of the opponents, so they definitely will not interfere with the deck.

g We can not guarantee you one hundred percent wins with our tips, but at least we will save you from constant defeats at the start, pointing out some nuances of behavior in the game.