Guide to Tom Clancy's Elite Squad: game tips for beginners

Our guide to Tom Clancy's Elite Squad will allow you to get off to a great start in this RPG with collecting characters (gacha games). Ubisoft decided not to miss this time and give players a kind of matryoshka doll: combine all the popular universes with the Tom Clancy console in one game. This includes the following franchises: Splinter Cell, Rainbow Six, Ghost Recon, and The Division.In this guide, we will tell you about the basics of the game, including various download methods, its online component, and general tips for confidently defeating enemies. If you like online games for mobile devices, then be sure to read our new guide to the upcoming Fallout Shelter Online. If you like to collect various characters, and in particular — vayfu, then take a look at our top role-playing games.

Tom Clancy's Elite Squad Trailer for doubters If you're not sure whether to install Tom Clancy's Elite Squad at all, we recommend watching the official trailer. For your convenience, we have placed it on the page of this guide.

Where can I download Tom Clancy's Elite Squad for iOS and Android?You can install this project through the App Store if you use an iPhone or iPad for games. In the case of Android, the choice is also not particularly great-Google Play.

How to bypass Google Play on Android?If for some reason you do not want to download Tom Clancy's Elite Squad from the official Google store, then you can get the download file on reliable sites. For example, APKPure. Did you know that Fortnite can also be downloaded on Android, bypassing Google Play?

Is it possible to play Tom Clancy's Elite Squad on PC?Definitely there is. You can play the game on a PC through an Android emulator called BlueStacks.

Can I play it with my friends?As with many other gacha games, Tom Clancy's Elite Squad supports multiplayer. You can fight against other players in the PvP arena or join a guild with your friends and participate in guild wars.

Tips and secrets for a successful start-up Once we have sorted out the basic questions, it remains only to answer the most exciting ones: what and how to do in Tom Clancy's Elite Squad to dominate other players? To do this, we have prepared a list of tips:

Complete daily tasks: If you are serious about participating in the major leagues of Tom Clancy's Elite Squad, we recommend that you complete tasks every day. This will provide you with all the necessary resources that you will otherwise have to buy for real money.Build a balanced team: When creating a new team, make sure that it has at least one defender, attacker, and specialist. In this case, it will be easier to cope with the threat hanging over you.Use all abilities: it is unlikely that the decision not to use abilities is the right one, because you do not gain anything from it. So you will often have to use active skills yourself, which is not often seen in games of this genre.Pump up the best characters to the maximum level: our last tip is as follows-pump up to the maximum of your best fighters, so that they show themselves most effectively in battle.