Guide to Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower-tips for beginners

Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower is a game for which there must be a guide, because it has a huge number of champions, turn — based battles and so many varieties of currencies that you could hardly guess about them. Fortunately for you, we decided to write a guide to Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower, where we will go through the entire list of features and elements. We will talk about the best champions, about the game itself, the currency system and other tips that were obtained by hard work in the Silver Tower.

For those who are not familiar with this project, Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower is a turn-based strategy game, the plot of which revolves around a deadly dungeon called "Silver Tower". Your task is to collect the best champions and plunge into the arena of chaos; fight until you reach the Summoner himself. But before that, you will have to collect eight fragments of the amulet of Chaos. They are hidden in different parts of the dungeon.

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How to play Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower?When you get used to the rules of the game, they will no longer seem so complicated. We suggest you to get acquainted with them:

The main task in the Silver Tower is to complete levels, complete tasks, and find the eight pieces of the amulet of Chaos. After that, you need to fight with the summoner, as a game in the genre of "turn-based strategy", then you go in turn with the enemy. The number of actions per turn is limited, so move and use the abilities of the three champions with the mind The tasks at each level differ in the following types: defeat enemies, destroy the obelisks of Chaos, or simply get out of the fight alive. In order to reach the Summoner himself, you will have to complete challenges to get summoning stones, experience points, gold, and tokens. Unlike other resources that are used to improve champions, summoning stones allow you to get new champions to the Silver Tower., upgrade the power of its champions and you will only have to summon the Summoner to get the summoning stones in Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower?Only with the help of the summoning stones will you be able to stay alive in the Silver Tower. Here are the best ways to get them:

Daily challenges: they are easy to complete and for each one you get five stones: at the end of the level, you get a certain number of scrolls that pump up your champions. For getting a new level, you are given summoning stones. Purchase: since Silver Tower is a shareware project, you should expect an in-game store there. A handful of stones costs 75 rubles

The story of the Silver Tower in Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower This project is based on a board game, so it is turn-based. The plot revolves around a Chaos God named Tzeentch, aka the Summoner. He directs the Silver Tower, a dungeon where champions are summoned to challenge and gain glory. Therefore, here are characters from different factions of the Warhammer universe. Some of them even hate each other, but what can you do?

Will Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower be updated with additional content?The developers still have a lot of plans for the future of the project. Here are some details:

In the first update, more champions will be added to Perchang there are still ideas about future tasks and mechanics The output of major additions depends solely on the audience's interest in the project

What is the best champion in Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower?Everyone can have their own preferences in this regard, but so far the following characters are considered the best:

Fog Weaver: as a representative of the magic class, she can help you get out of so many failed situations that you are unlikely to regret taking her into your squad for the Dark Oath: some abilities make him the best in melee combat. This champion can kill everyone around him in two Chaos hodalords: he also uses magic. His demonic power allows you to apply positive effects on your allies, increasing their damage. This is especially true for champions with long-range damage, what is the average rating of Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower right now?The game has just been released, so you still need to give it a little time to collect reviews and ratings. The gameplay is great, but you need to tweak the champion system a bit.

How to use equipment in Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower?In this project, there are several types of equipment. We present them for your review:

< /p>Gifts: They are dressed for specific bonuses, such as increasing the chance of critical damage or for protection. Often purchased for gold weapons: they can be found in chests. The weapon changes the attack power, as well as how many times the champion attacks. Some are purchased for gold in the storereferencesexternal Links: they do not give any bonuses and are absolutely cosmetic. At the same time, you will have to pay real money for them, How to use tokens in Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower?Regarding this resource, we will have to explain the situation a little. Here's how tokens work:

There are four types of them: order, chaos, death, and destruction. Tokens are used to level up champions after they reach level 10. Various tokens can be used for characters from different factions. Also, tokens indicate the possible addition of more champions in future updates.Tips for beginners in Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower The Silver Tower needs to get used to, so here are some tips from us to make it easier:

Use the " Return Shot»: this ranged ability is very powerful and can help you deal with opponents who want to attack. Use it to protect the weakest members of the squad, such as MAGES, Move if possible: if you are on a level with blue flame, enemies will appear endlessly, so move forward whenever possible, and fight monsters: it sounds strange, because that's what champions do, but monsters will kill you with a single hit. It's better to avoid them or use the Fog Weaver's ability to stun monsters. Always have a plan B: what's the point of completing the task if you end up on the other end of the map from the exit? Always calculate your escape routes: Use abilities: they are easy to forget, but if your champions have unused cooldown abilities, then not using them will only cause harm to yourself. But it is necessary to take into account the combination of abilities that will give even greater effectnot spend resources left and right: if you want to survive, pour all the resources into your team. It's better than buying pointless outfits that don't give you anything. We hope that you will get out of the Silver Tower unharmed. Although it is unlikely.