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From today we are launching a new category called " HELP ME" thanks to which we will try to collect all the most relevant questions and answers to them, on popular games for mobile devices. The first of these games will be a fresh MMORPG for Android and iOS-Armed Heroes (Armed Heroes).

gPost will be constantly updated with new questions and answers, manuals, and guides. If you have any questions about this game that require an answer, leave them in the comments, if the question seems interesting to us, we will definitely take it out in the post and publish the answer. So let's go:

gotviews for questions about the game Armed Heroes (Armed Heroes):

1 Which game class is better (stronger) in Armed Heroes?

There is no valid answer, and there can not be. All such MMORPG games are built in such a way that each game class has its own strengths and weaknesses. Figuratively speaking, the first class is superior to the second, but inferior to the third. This is done specifically so that players do not get hung up on one class, and choose different ones.

2 Which character class is more interesting to play?

gOpyat all depends on your personal preferences.

Woin - good damage, a large supply of lives, excellent protection. Scatter your enemies while in the thick of things. The only drawback is close combat, very often you do not have time to reach such enemies as an archer, a magician.

Gluchnik - Very strong damage, long-range attacks, weak defense. For those who like to catch their enemies off guard. Very strong in duels, in mass battles it is quite difficult to play.

Gnecromancer-Medium damage, master of binding various undead, weak defense. Compensates for its small damage and protection due to the summoned helpers, which will help distract the mobs and deliver a decisive blow. As a rule, it is easier to pump at the expense of summoning creatures.

< /p>Mag-The Lord of various elements, huge magic damage, powerful (AOE) mass attacks, excellent control, weak defense and strongly depends on mana. For those who like to take as many people with them as possible before they die. One - on-one is a very serious opponent for any class.

Ubiica is a master of two-handed weapons, such as daggers. A powerful surprise attack with wild crits, almost instant death for an unprepared enemy. Of the features, invisibility, traps, melee, medium defense. Suitable for players who like to arrange dark, narrow spaces and surprise the enemy, here is the killer tactic.

Rytsar - in the classic MMORPG, this class is often called a tank. A huge number of lives, almost impenetrable defense, good damage, close combat. As a rule, it can be in a crowd of monsters without much harm to health.

3 How and where can I swing?

Gkachatsya can be in special locations called Mission (1,2,3, etc. ) Also experience is given for completing tasks and participating in various events with other players.

4 Can't figure out which color items are better?

All items in the game Armed Heroes are divided into colors. The quality, features and uniqueness of the item depends on the color. The simplest items are white, better yellow (gold), then green, common blue, even better orange, unique red, and extremely rare purple.

5 Where to get gems?

At the moment, it is known that gems can be purchased in the store that is located in the player's profile. Also, sometimes gems are given as a reward for completing quests. You can also get gems by participating in various events, as a reward for random prizes, including gems.

6 How to synthesize a gem in Armed Heroes?

gdl to synthesize a gem, you need any gem, and at least one crystal. You can synthesize it from the Jeweler Nifandi. To do this, talk to him and the item synthesize gem will appear.

7 What does it mean to encrust a gem?

Gincrust the gem, it means to insert the gem into the armor. Gems give bonuses to the items they are embedded in. Bonuses depend on the type of item and the color of the gem. You can inlay the gem at the Jeweler Nifandi.

8 What is the maximum skill of skills (skills)?

Po according to the skill data, you can pump up to 10 units.

9 How to use the chat?

gdlya use chat tap on it, the chat will open in full screen. From the right, you can choose which section of the chat you want to write to.

10 Is it possible to play Armed Heroes on a PC?

Officially, there is no such possibility, and as it seems to us correctly, there are enough similar projects on the PC. But you can search for emulators on the torent. As their authors write, they manage to play Armed Heroes on the PC in a similar way.

11 How to find treasures on the map?

gWse is very simple when using the map, an arrow with a direction appears. The color of the arrow will tell you how far you still have to go. Red - far away, yellow-near, green-close.

12 How and where to participate in the " Goddess Protector"?

to participate in "Goddess Defender" you need to talk to the NPC named Avril, the item Goddess Defender 0/2 will appear in the conversation menu. Click it and you will be offered to go into battle, confirm your participation, and you will be thrown into the waiting room until the required number of people is reached, after the team is recruited, the battle will begin automatically!

Important! If you are not thrown into the waiting room, check if you are in a group, in order to get to the waiting room, you must leave the group.

13 Which server to choose? How do they differ?

Servers are no different from each other. In such online games, the presence of many servers is a normal situation to evenly distribute the load.

14 How do I remove the binding from the item so that I can sell it?

To bind the armor to the character, you can use a special card from the store, which is located in the menu of the character. An ammunition drop card, worth 800 diamonds.

15 Where can I find a trading house?

Gtorgovy dom, this is a store where everything is sold only for diamonds. You can find it in the character menu.

16 To enter this location, you must have at least 7 units. What's it?

Raz in 24 hours is given 100 units of physical strength, each trip to the mission takes 7 units. You can restore power with special potions that are sometimes dropped.

17 How to strengthen (improve) equipment? (Armor, weapons)

Gnazhav on the ammunition will appear the gain button. You can strengthen it with both gold and diamonds. Of course the second method is better but expensive. When the item is successfully strengthened, the level of the item increases and various bonuses are added. In unsuccessful cases, all improvements are reset to zero. You can insure against zeroing, but then the cost will increase significantly.

18 What accumulates love courage and hope?

Za by passing the following events:

Lyubov - Protecting Goddess


Otwaga - Casserly's Maze

19 Can I get the gem out of the weapon?

gWse operations with gems are performed by an alchemist.

20 How do I level up a guild?

Wse guild members can make contributions to the guild in gold or diamonds to strengthen their attributes (only 1 contribution to each altar can be made daily). Leveling up and earning guild points also depends on contributions.

gdl to strengthen the guild altar requires 50 diamonds, the number of points obtained is 20, to strengthen other altars requires 1000 gold, the number of points obtained is 2. Currently, there are 7 guild levels.

21 What do you need to create a combat team?

to create your own battle squad, you must reach level 31 and pay 50,000 gold. The squad can participate in combined and world competitions.

22 What do you need to create your own kingdom?

1. The guild must reach level 5 (the level of the guild can be increased by strengthening its altar).

2. The guild's people's feelings must reach 10,000 (the people's feelings can be obtained by participating in the battle for the people's feelings).

3. The Ruler's certificate is required (the ruler's certificate can be exchanged for PVP ammunition from the NPC Escarra in the lower part of the royal city).

As soon as all the conditions are met, you will be able to apply for the creation of a kingdom.

23 Tell me about the Star Trace equipment upgrade system?

G System Star Trail-the process of strengthening ammunition with the use of unnecessary equipment and the ability to split. A player in the observatory of any state can make an engraving, but his constellation must match yours, otherwise the star trail will not give the effect of strengthening attributes.

1. During the engraving, you need to select the constellation that will be engraved on the ammunition.

2. After the engraving, the ammunition will have a constellation.

3. You can add stars to the ammunition of level 35 and higher, not white with a constellation.

4. Stars can be added with dust or diamonds.

5. After adding the stars, a random additional attribute will appear.

6. You can add 5, 10, 15, 20 stars to the ammunition, depending on its class. Only half a star is added each time. Every 5 stars form one layer.

7. Additional layer attributes are defined by the attributes of the first half of the star.

8. The additional attributes of each star layer are superior to those of the previous layer.

24 I improved the weapon by +10 and in its additional attributes it says that the fire damage is +2000 but the weapon does not deal fire damage, but only physical. Why?

where Additional damage is dealt randomly, i.e. not every hit.

Have you found the answer to the question you were looking for? Do not worry, just ask it in the comments and we will try to answer it. We remind you that the material will be constantly updated with new questions and answers, manuals and other things.

gRukovodstvo and passage through the game Armed Heroes (Armed heroes):

This topic interests many, but not everyone knows the answer and I will tell you about it with pleasure !!!

est 3 options ...

1-Sell fish as it is needed by everyone (do not forget that in the transaction a couple of diamonds are donated to the developers without your desire) now carp are in fashion so use loaches safely in cooking.

2 - Sell blue armor to other players for diamonds!

3-Well, the last way is to beg for diamonds in the chat. Surely there are several people who will help.


mnogy do not know how to build towers at all. Because of their inability, they begin to run around the field and beat the mobs hand-to-hand. Mobs should only be killed with towers. They are built using the OK button in the upper right corner (just below the map). The more towers on the field-the better.


Some do not know, but already built towers can be improved. The scheme is similar to the construction — all through the same OK button. Try to upgrade all the towers evenly. Not just one, but up to the maximum. This is much more efficient. Upgrade towers is advisable to do as the complexity of the waves increases.


gPostroika and improvement of towers are NOT free. Everything costs money (let's call it that, because I don't know what this type of resource is called). Prices for towers and upgrades are listed under their names. You will also be given this money before each wave and for the killed mobs (it seems). So use them wisely. This is another reason why it is more effective to build and upgrade towers evenly — the money spent will be minimal, and the total damage is higher.


G The game has 6 types of towers with their own unique upgrades (see screenshots). On the screenshots, you can find a general description of each of the types of towers. In what cases, what types to use and what to combine with each other, I will try to describe below in the PLACEMENT TACTICS.


The game also has several types of maps with their own schemes for placing towers. Each map contains a certain number of towers. The optimal situation will be when you divide all the places for the towers EVENLY between the team. Divide the places for the towers by the team players and get the number of places for you. To do this, you need to know how many places under the towers the map contains (I'll post this information later). Plus, it is important to have an experienced team that knows the principles of the towers, which will act clearly as a well-coordinated mechanism.


Be prepared that the waves of mobs come from different portals (top and bottom). Plus, all waves have a different route. Therefore, try to strengthen the field evenly over all the area, and not concentrate in one place. Another reason for the uniform construction and upgrade of towers.


gVo during the game, colorful question marks will appear on the field. Frankly speaking, I didn't really understand them, so there is nothing to write about. Maybe someone will share the information, I will add it to the guide. The only thing I noticed is that they give some bonuses, both positive and negative. For example, they can stun you for a short time.In the game Armed Heroes, ammunition is divided into seven colors: white, yellow, green, blue, orange, red and purple. The lowest quality is white, the highest is purple. During the battle, collect the drop-down ammunition and gold, then open the backpack and find the collected inventory there, click on the "ammunition" button on the right side of the screen – the ammunition is on!

G After clicking on the "Boost" button, the "Boost Ammunition" window will appear. Select "Strengthen for gold", the required amount in gold will appear on the screen. Select "Strengthen for crystals", the required amount in crystals will appear on the screen. You need to pay attention to the fact that there is a certain probability of success for the gain: if "gain succeeded", then the "degree of gain" will be displayed +1,,+2,+3,...,+25"; if "gain failed", then "gain level lowered to 0"will be displayed. If you want to avoid failure when strengthening and reducing the level of ammunition to 0, then you must select "buy insurance" before starting to strengthen.

Enhanced ammunition has higher characteristics, weapons can be added cold damage, poison damage, physical damage, fire damage, magic damage, and you can also increase the accuracy of ranged attacks! Armor can be added to resist different damage, as well as absorb different damage, thus increasing protection and reducing damage. The better the ammunition, the higher your score, as well as the degree of your perfection!

the quality of the ammunition also increases after strengthening, for example, green becomes blue, and blue becomes orange. In addition to improving the performance, improved ammunition can also emit light! The color of the radiance that the ammunition emits changes with the increase in its level, have you noticed? Really stylish!

es If you want to increase the characteristics of ammunition, then you can not do without "inlay"! Encrust the received or purchased fragments of gems and skull fragments into your ammunition, this will allow you to significantly increase its characteristics. From the fragments, you can also "synthesize" gems, and then "encrust them into ammunition", this will further increase its characteristics! Do you want to take it off? Go to the alchemist!