Hero Hunters Game Guide: tactics and basic tips

Team shooters are gaining popularity on mobile platforms and Hero Hunters belongs to this category of games. The developers from Hothead Games calculated everything correctly – they created a game that works very well on touchscreens, which is easy to master, quite entertaining, but not so simple as to quickly get bored. If you want to quickly learn the basics of it and move on to some tangible results, these tips will not be superfluous.


A big temptation in Hero Hunters will be the desire to sit down in a shelter and stay there longer. But you shouldn't do that. In this game, the main thing is to constantly move, as any shelter will be destroyed sooner or later, and no one has canceled the grenades. Movement is exactly what you should pay attention to in the tutorial.

Develop the habit of moving from one shelter to another, without staying long, so as not to become the target of enemy fire. Even completely hidden, you are still a target for a well-thrown grenade.

Learn the types of heroes

You need to immediately understand the types of characters, understand what they are capable of and how they interact with each other. The Energy type, for example, takes over Biochem, and this, in turn, defeats Mechanical, which can again attack and defeat the Energy type.

Watch out for your opponents – even if you don't exactly remember the types of your heroes, the green arrow will show that you are stronger, and the red arrow will show that you are weaker. The gray color indicates neutral damage, the same on both sides. If you are weaker than the enemy hero, try to quickly switch to the next representative of your team, if you have one. The second way to solve the problem – the artificial intelligence of the game will tell you what to do.

Daily quests

If you want to advance at least a little in the game and do it quickly-be sure to pass the daily quests. They do not differ in complexity, but they bring a lot of in-game currency. In addition, daily entry into the game will bring you silver chests several times a day and gold chests every few days. In them, you will find not only currency, but also fragments of heroes. By combining them, you will get new heroes of varying degrees of rarity for your team, and this is the best and easiest way to add to your collection in the initial stages of the game.


During any battle, save your energy-charged abilities until the most crucial moment. Do not use them immediately – they will be able to support your hero when there is nothing else left, and the enemy will be really dangerous.

If you have a hero with a golden ability, invest in his upgrades. These characters are always the best in the rankings, and their skills have great potential for development.

In single-player modes, when you want to finish the match quickly, focus on the boss-the most powerful opponent. To kill him very often means to end the entire match as a whole, and then you should not worry about small enemies. If the opponent heals their heroes-first of all, destroy the enemy healer, and then deal with the boss.