Hoplite Adventure: practical tips

Hoplite is a tactical RPG from Magma Fortress studio that invites you to a rather unexpected place – the underworld, in the depths of which your goal, the Golden Fleece, is stored. You will have to go through 16 levels, or a kind of circles of hell, to reach your goal, but the path will not be easy. You will be besieged by crowds of demons that live on each level, and despite the fact that your character is a legendary Greek warrior, he will still have a hard time-there will be many enemies, they will attack from all sides, so the death of the character will become a frequent occurrence.

This game requires some experience and the ability to analyze the situation, so we would like to give some useful tips to those who are just starting to play Hoplite.Pay attention to the archer demons and the mage demons.

They are the most dangerous opponents. If you are at a distance, your shield and spear are useless against them, but at the same time, getting close to them is also dangerous. Archers and mages can shoot in six directions and their attacks reach the target at a distance of five cells. If you are standing in the next cell, the archers can not attack you, but it will not prevent the wizards from attacking, so be careful. In addition (and this is very convenient for your hero), mages can use their spells only once in two turns, which means that after a single spell application, you can safely make one move in the range of the magician's influence, and he will not be able to do anything about it. Then you need to stay away again.

We advise you to find all the mages and archers before starting your own turn and tap each of them to find out their range of damage. Also, you need to consider all the places where you can move, while remaining unharmed. Although this is quite a time-consuming process, you should still explore the area before making a move to avoid damage.

Sometimes you will not be able to reach the goal completely unscathed, and in this case, your truly magical sandals will help you to jump to a safe place. In order to use the sandals, you will need energy, so save it for such a case.

Don't forget your sandals.

They are vital for your successful completion, as they allow you to jump over 2 cells at once. This will save your hero from unnecessary damage. At the initial levels, they are not particularly necessary, but the deeper you go, the more dangerous the enemies and the greater their number. In addition, you will be surrounded by lava, bombs will explode around you – which means that jumping with the help of sandals will be the only salvation. Consider the fact that they must accumulate energy to be used, but in the case of moving to the next level, the energy is replenished automatically.

Accumulate the highest possible level of health at the initial levels – then it will be useful to you. You can restore health by visiting a special altar located on each level and touching its image. But it is better to do this when your enemies are already destroyed. This tip is useful for those who want to get to the Golden Fleece in one piece.

Attacking is not always the best option.

When attacking an enemy, do not forget to look around – sometimes after an attack you can find yourself in a dangerous place, so carefully inspect the cells in which you can find yourself attacking another demon. If there are several enemies, make sure that you do not fall under the attack of the next enemies while dealing with the first one. This is especially true when the opponents are standing behind each other, and the second may be much stronger than the first. Try to use the rule: if the next move puts you under attack – do not make this move, but rather wait it out.

Always check the situation before attacking the demon foot soldiers.

The fact is that you can attack an opponent standing two cells away from you, but only if his cell is located on the same line with yours. If the attack is currently impossible, then it is worth checking whether the enemy will attack you when you make a move – so you can easily get hit by it. This can be checked by tapping the cell you plan to move to with a long tap – if the enemy's cell turns red, then you can deal damage to it, and if not, then it will attack you in this position itself. Therefore, if you want to destroy an enemy who is standing at a distance of two cells, and in any case fall under his blow, we advise you to take a step back, thereby provoking the enemy to make a move and move.

Try to get a Shield to avoid damage.

This achievement you can unlock in the initial levels. It is located in the list of achievements, which is called "Optimal recovery" and opens only if you approach the altar to restore health, while having one heart (number of lives) and not charged with energy sandals. This can be done already at the first level, and starting from the fifth level, you can get a Shield by sacrificing two hearts at the altar. The shield is useful if you are in a situation where damage is unavoidable - it protects you from blows and bombs and acts for two turns, making you completely invulnerable.

Activate the Deep Lunge at later levels.

This ability is available almost immediately, it does not require sacrifices – you just find it in one of the bags at the altar. It allows you to kill two demons at once, if they are standing behind each other, and is especially useful in difficult levels, when enemies will tightly surround you.

Hide behind your opponents.

Remember: archers and mages can't damage you from a distance if there are other demons between them and you. Knowing this nuance will be very useful to you, especially if there is a demon-infantryman right in front of you, and behind him – an archer or a magician. Then, with a Deep Lunge, you can destroy them both in one blow. This is especially useful at later levels, since you will have no one to hide behind at the beginning, but then you will see for yourself...

Do not use the spear until you have upgraded it.

Some altars allow you to upgrade the spear, and then the range of its throw, and hence the damage, will increase. But, in general, the spear is not very useful to you, since throwing it at a mage or archer to hit them at a distance, you will be forced to approach and pick it up, thereby exposing yourself to possible blows from other enemies. Practice shows that evasion tactics in Hoplite work better than risk and attack. At least this is true up to level 10, where at the altar you will be able to receive a Summoning prayer that will return the spear back to your hands. After you get to the Rune, you can use another prayer that will give your spear not only to kill one demon, but also to stun those who stand nearby.

So, you've got some basic tips that will hopefully make your Hoplite experience easier and more enjoyable. Good luck!

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