How to edit videos online? InVideo Review

Choosing an editor to mount your videos is not an easy question. There are many supporters of professional software (Adobe Premiere Pro, Sony Vegas Pro) and amateur software (OpenShot, DaVinci Resolve) on the Internet. The problem with the first is the high requirements for your video editing skills, as well as the price tag. The problem of the second is the lack of "expensive" features and an outdated interface; you can use it, but only for amateur projects. And I'm not even talking about a powerful computer that should suffer while processing your creation (YouTube will still reduce the quality later). Now there is a solution for both — InVideo.

In the 21st century, everything goes online: gaming (Microsoft xCloud, Google Stadia), cinemas and, you will be surprised, video editing programs. Most of them leave much to be desired, but the guys from InVideo managed to achieve high-quality results. In this review, I will tell you how to use this editor, who it can be useful for, what its positive aspects are, and whether you can survive with the free version. All manipulations will be carried out on an old laptop to test the hypothesis that the power of your device is not important for online solutions. To use the service, I strongly recommend using Google Chrome.


It is worth noting that the InVideo website is made in English. This is not an RPG with a plot from Shakespeare, so there will be no difficulties with understanding, especially if you have previously used an online video editor. Most likely, you will be nailing videos for a specific brand (website, YouTube channel, Twitch, and so on). To make your work easier, you need to choose the right logo and the right color palette in advance; the whole thing will be automatically substituted in the video. Then it's up to you: InVideo offers stock templates, videos, text, and music. The length of the music track is automatically adjusted to the length of the video sequence, and the removal of an unnecessary clip is done with two clicks. If you want to upload something of your own, this option is also available.

In addition, you can learn how to insert your favorite phrases in the video, for example, to help Todd Howard sell even more copies of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. The most advanced users will learn not only how to use templates, but also how to edit them to suit their needs: somewhere to make the video shorter, somewhere to zoom in on the image or remove the unnecessary red background for a while. InVideo offers several "Editing 101" tutorial videos that are a must-watch for any beginner. Once your creation is ready, you can immediately export it; on a free account, the maximum quality is 720p, we'll talk about this in more detail later.

In their spare time, AppTime editors battle fire-breathing dinosaurs in the categories in this section, you can choose what exactly you want to create: an intro for your channel? Decided to develop the game of your dreams, but without a cool video, no one will take it seriously? Regardless of your preferences, the categories will help you quickly find the right template. In addition to topics, you can also search by format, because in addition to YouTube with its 16: 9, there are also social networks where the winning option is 9:16. You can choose from short ads (15 seconds), invitations to a webinar, coupons and offers, and even quotes from great people. Now you can put a quote from Martin Luther King in your Minecraft video. Think about it.

InVideo, you can make serious videos for a brand aimed at the middle class and white-collar workers, as well as simple memas for friends. It all depends on your preferences and needs. Not all videos are easy to edit for beginners, so the guys from InVideo made a special selection, where there are all the templates that will be easy to edit for beginners. Facebook Instagram, YouTube, Instagram, and a meme generator are all available at the bottom of the site. If none of the suggested options is suitable, just turn on the video editor and add your own content, to which you can already add something from the templates.

Mom, I'm a streamer!Content

Any video editor is just a tool in the hands of an"architect". If you don't know where to start or what's popular right now, then even the latest Macbook and licensed Sony Vegas won't help. To help with this, there is a "Content" section on the InVideo website. Here you can find various articles and learn how to make a high-quality thumbnail for your videos (it can both attract and alienate a potential subscriber). Maybe you didn't know, but in 2021, it's better to create training videos, because you will answer the question of the audience, and also show yourself as an "opinion leader". This and much more can be found in this section.

In addition to the text format, there is also a video. I specially attached an issue where we are told how to make money on YouTube. Therefore, instead of complaining about PewDiePie or another super-popular but unloved content creator, it's better to find an emerging trend and have time to occupy a niche. Such knowledge, coupled with the ability to edit videos, will help you stand out among the "mom's streamers". For example, you might not know, but in public transport, people don't like it when a random post on social networks is included along with audio, so "silent videos" are also popular.

TED Talks is one example of educational content, but it's not the only trend of 2021stoimost we all know that free cheese is only in a mousetrap and if the product is free, then the consumer is a commodity. InVideo is not so bad: what I've listed before comes free of charge. For the average user, it is enough in full. Another thing is if you are engaged in video editing professionally, that is, you earn money by your work. In this case, you will have to think at least about a Business subscription: it gives you more than one million premium content, advanced export in 1080p, and more. This plan costs about 800 rubles/month, if you sign up for an annual subscription.

For large organizations and agencies, you will need an Unlimited package: this is an unlimited export in 1080p, 120 templates per month from the iStock site, and everything that goes in the previous plans. The cost of this option is approximately 2,400 rubles/month, if you sign up for an annual subscription. For paid packages, there is a 14-day trial period with the option to cancel at any time. If you don't want to figure it out on your own, you can set up an online meeting with an InVideo representative at the bottom of the site; they will tell you in detail about all the questions you are interested in.

ConclusionInVideo is a great site for editors, content creators, and large organizations. Of the online solutions, this is probably one of the most accessible sites where I was not required to buy a subscription before exporting the video, as many do. For people with a weak PC or laptop — this is the only solution without investing in hardware. The subscription is unobtrusive, the interface is not overloaded with widgets. The future belongs to such solutions, and thanks to InVideo, it has already arrived.