How to find or track a lost Android phone?

If you have lost your smartphone or want to track a phone registered in your Google account, there is an easy way to do this - Google's Find My Device service, which allows you to remotely track your Android device, as well as play sound on it, block it, and even erase data from it if necessary.

Google offers an affordable service for tracking the location of phones, but at first it may seem a little confusing to you. This quick guide will help you track down any Android smartphone or tablet that you have logged in to with your Google account.

Keep in mind that this technology does not always work – to use it, the phone must be turned on, be online, with mobile Internet or location services enabled.

How do I track my Android smartphone?The first thing you need to do is go to Find My Device, the Google tracker website. To get there, find it in the browser.

Then you need to log in to your Google account using your email address and password.

Next, you enter the site itself. At the top left is a list of devices that you used under this Google account. Select the device you need. Below is a list of phone parameters, but you should not pay attention to them if you are just trying to track the phone.

Most of the site page is occupied by a map with a pin icon on it, which points directly to the location of your device.

If the "Find My Device" function can't detect your phone, you can try again by clicking the round arrow on the phone image, which will tell the tracker to try again. Hopefully, this time, everything will work out.

What can you do when you find your phone?If you find the place where the phone is located, then the crisis is averted. But you may have to go to a number of other steps to find not only its location, but also the device itself. The first option is the Play Sound option, which will make your device ring loudly for 5 minutes. If someone you know or just care about is near your phone, it will alert them that you are looking for it, and they will be able to help.

The next function of the service is Secure Device. This allows you to lock your smartphone and log out of your Google account. You can also leave a message to someone who finds the phone, including leaving the number of a friend or relative so that the finder can contact you.

Sometimes you may need an extreme method – in case you have suspicions that you will not get your phone back. The Erase Device option completely erases everything from your device and logs out of your Google account.

Please note that if you click this button, there will be no going back – this action is irreversible. Do this only if you know that there is really no chance of getting the phone back.