How to get free Robux and get rich in Roblox

If you have ever tried to get your own in-game currency, Robux, in an online sandbox called Roblox, then you understand that this is a completely difficult and thankless task. But it is for it that you can improve your avatar, buy special skills, and much more. Since last year, it has become almost impossible to get Robux, because the Builders ' Club has become a premium and now it is offered by subscription. But do not despair, because we have a couple of other ways to get Robux and one of them tells you how to do it for free.

Let's first talk about what Roblox is all about, because some gamers may not be familiar with this project. Roblox is a platform for creating various levels and games, where many creative people can earn Robux or even real money through microtransactions. But this does not mean that there are no other methods other than this one. We'll tell you how to get Robux without having to pour in hundreds of hours to (possibly) become a brilliant content creator.

How do I purchase Robux?If you have extra money lying around and you can safely spend it on Roblox, then be sure to do so, because this way you do not need to get the coveted Robux with different tricks. You can do this both in the game itself and on the official website. Here's how much all this will cost (prices are given in rubles for convenience, converted at the exchange rate as of September 25, 2020):

390 rub — 400 Robux780 rub — 800 Robux1 560 rub — 1 700 Robux3 900 — 4 500 Robux7 800 rub-10 000 RobuxVot what you can spend them on:

100 Robux to create a group or a badge for your game1 000 Robux to change the game name 50 000 Robux to buy a Purple Valkyrie-the most expensive hat in ygrek how to buy a subscription in Roblox?For a subscription, you will have access to the best ways to get Robux. In total, there are three subscription levels, each of which gives a certain amount of Robux per month:

390 rubles/ month-450 Robux/ mes780 rubles/ month — 1,000 Robux/mes1 560 rubles/ month - 2,200 Robux/ Mesich the difference is not so big if we are talking about general points, but for the top subscription you can get a very tasty feature called "Developer Exchange". It is activated after you earn 100,000 Robux. You can use it to convert this in-game currency into real money. But to reach this level, you first need to create a popular map.

How do I get Robux for free?The truth will be bitter, because at the moment it is almost impossible to get the in-game currency Robux just like that, because ordinary users now have little available. But you can sell the game pass to other players. Here's how to do it:

Create a game and invite people there to create a game pass and put it up for sale. At the same time, you choose the price of a game pass, which gives players a certain advantage: access to restricted areas, an item for an avatar, or constant reinforcement, you need to remember that the money earned from the sale of Robux game passes comes to your account within three days. So how to create cards and game passes to them completely free of charge, it turns out this is the only way to pull off such a scam in Roblox. Before starting this process, it is better to watch various videos on this topic and be inspired by them.

How to sell clothes in Roblox?In addition to the already listed ways to get Robux, let's also consider the sale of in-game clothing. This is a great way to hit the extra coin, but before you start creating your own unique clothing brand, we will tell you about a few details:

You can create shirts, pants, or T-shirts. After that, you can put them on sale After a successful sale, you will receive 70% of the price (we count in Robux, not in real currency). The remaining 30% goes to support the in-game economy, as with the sale of game passes, you need to wait three days to confirm the transaction

How do I sell access to my game in Roblox?If you are not particularly versed in modern fashion, we can offer to earn extra money by selling access to your game. But how is this different from a game pass? The thing is that if the pass is a fee for extended access to content, then access, as you might have guessed, gives you the opportunity to at least log in to the server and play.

The following points follow from this:

Before selling access to your game, make sure that it works properly, otherwise players will be dissatisfied in the worst case scenario, your game will be placed in a kind of quarantine until you get rid of annoying bugs. Access can be taken from 25 to 1,000 Robux, as with other transactions, you need to wait three days to confirm it and transfer the in-game currency to your account. This is the end of the main ways to get Robux in Roblox. If you plan to try it on smartphones, then you can safely do it on iOS and Android. In addition, the game is available on PC and Xbox One.