How to implement local multiplayer in Minecraft: PE?

Did you know that you and your friends have the opportunity to play local multiplayer in Minecraft: Pocket Edition (10.4.0)? It turns out that this is quite easy to implement, just enough that you and your friends are in the range of the same Wi-Fi connection, and then you can enter the same world together.

Want to know how to do this? We will share the information with you. Please note that we cannot yet say exactly how many people can visit the game world at the same time.

Razlichny sources express different assumptions, some resources, for example, claim that there can be about 10 players. But it is well known that this way you can even organize cross-platform multiplayer.

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Make sure that your devices are within the same Wi-Fi connection. Both iOS and Android users can do this in the Settings menu, in the Wi-Fi menu sub-item. This requirement is the main one, and without it you will not succeed.

Step 2

Go to Minecraft: Pocket Edition on the first device, then click the big Settings button at the bottom of the screen. Select the menu item called "Local Server Multiplayer".

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Create a new world or download an existing one. It doesn't matter which mode you choose - creative or survival, small game worlds or endless – choose whatever you like. Now that you are already in the game, other gamers will be able to join you.

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On another player's device, after logging in to Minecraft, click 'Play', then wait a few seconds, and you will see the remote server in the list of worlds. It will be highlighted in blue and marked with the Wi-Fi icon on the right side.

Tap on it – that's it, now you're playing together! You can use the chat button located in the upper-right corner of the screen to send messages to each other, and you can also change the name of the character in the 'Options'menu.