How to install games on a tablet: 2 ways (instructions)

If you are new to mobile gaming and are still just learning the features of the Android operating system, then the question of how to install a game on a tablet is relevant for you.

gI if the installation via Google Play Market is simple and clear, then installing games from third-party sources looks a little more complicated. So, where to start?

Ginstalling the game from Google Play Market

G Here everything is simple-go to the Play Market app, enter the name of the game you are interested in in the search bar and after its page appears on the screen of your tablet, click the "Install"button. That's all.

Install games from other sources (apk file)

In this case, everything is a little more complicated. First, you need to make sure that your tablet supports this feature and only then do the installation of the game.

G Go to "Settings" of your tablet, select the menu item " Security", and then " Device Administration". In it, find the item "Unknown sources" - you need to put a check mark next to this item.

tyou can now install games and apps not only from the Play Market, but also from any third-party sites. For further actions, you will need the game file – in the Android OS, these files have the .apk extension and can be downloaded by you both to your computer and immediately to your tablet.

es If the apk file is stored on your computer, then your task is to connect your device to it using a USB cord and copy this file to the folder of your choice. We recommend that you copy it to the Download folder – this is where any downloaded files are stored on Android devices.

es If you have downloaded the apk file of the game immediately to your tablet, it is automatically located in the same Download folder that we talked about above.

installing the game: For this step, you will need a file manager application that allows you to work with files, copy, delete and install them. On many devices, there are pre-installed applications of this type, and they can be called differently – " File Manager "on ASUS, " My Files" on Samsung, and so on, but if you have not found such an application, then your task is to find and download from the Play Market any file manager, let's say ES Explorer.

cherez ES Explorer you need to find the game file in the folder and tap on its name, and then select " Install". The result is achieved – the game is installed.

Install games with cache

Many games contain additional content in the so-called cache. The game cache is a zip archive with data that you find on third-party sites and download in parallel with the apk file. Games with the cache are installed in a different order – first you need to unpack the archive and only then install the apk.

You can unpack the cache through the same file manager, in our example - ES Explorer. To do this, long tap on the name of the archive, marking it with a check mark.

R After that, select "More" at the bottom of the screen, and in the menu that opens – " Unpack". Then "Choose path" - the path for the cache, choose the one that was specified on the page from which you downloaded the game files.

nThe most common path for the cache is / sdcard/ Android/ obb, the more rare path is / sdcard/ Android/ data. Next, when the cache is finally unpacked, you install the game's apk file as mentioned above.

That's it-the game is installed, enjoy the gameplay. Any other questions? Ask them in the comments and we will be happy to answer you.