How to play Art of Conquest: The Wrath of Nerokla on PC using the BlueStacks emulator

In mobile gaming, there is a certain paradox: a certain category of gamers constantly requires improving the quality of games and bringing their performance level closer to console projects, and as soon as this happens — claims that it is inconvenient to play this game on mobile devices.

And it is primarily the developers who suffer from this, from whom users leave. More precisely, they suffered. After all, for quite a long time for all fans of mobile games who prefer to enjoy them on large screens, there are specialized programs, the most famous of which is BlueStacks.

It is a mobile device emulator for PC that allows you to download, install and run applications created for Android, as well as use all their features, including online multiplayer.

The program is free, and applications in the emulator can be installed either in the traditional way — with the help of the store, or with the help of apk files.

Moreover, BlueStacks allows you to sync your Google account data, and if the selected game supports cloud saving, play it on both your mobile device and PC.

Art of Conquest is one of the most popular mobile strategies in the Google Play store. Although its controls are optimized for touch screens, PCs have also been a haven for fans of this genre for centuries. Therefore, the possibility of parallel passage here will be very useful.

So, what you need to start playing Art of Conquest on your PC with BlueStacks installed:

Go to the official website of the emulator and download the installation file Install the program on your PC Using the built-in Google Play app store, find and download the game Art of Conquest Enter the battle of Art of Conquest you have to collect a squad of heroes, who are waiting for a lot of challenges: exploring the fictional world of Fatomrest, raiding the lairs of dragons and, of course,, participate in large-scale battles.

In addition to the strategic component, you will also find the process of creating and developing your own citadel, enchanting artifacts to gain new powers for your heroes, and conquering other kingdoms in an effort to become a single emperor.

One of the features of this named game in BlueStacks is the control optimized for the keyboard and mouse. Before the start, you will definitely be introduced to the starting settings, which were developed and tested by experienced gamers. But at any time, you can reassign the management for yourself.

You also have the opportunity to play in several windows at once, on several accounts — in the event that your military ambitions are so great.

Finally, for playing Art of Conquest, you get Pika Points – the internal currency of the service, which can later be exchanged for a premium BlueStacks subscription, T-shirts, game hardware, Google Play gift cards, and more.