How to start building a city in Game of War-Fire Age

If you are going to play the MMO Game of War-Fire Age, but do not know where to start, then we are ready to provide you with some tips to help you understand the basics of the game. So, what do you need to know for a successful start?

the first thing you will immediately encounter is the quests offered to you by the system. They will give you the opportunity to earn a certain amount of money, so take on the maximum number of such missions. At first, they will be simple - you will have to build and improve the available buildings, which are still few.

gTak your initial budget will be limited, then you do not have to expect special access to resources, and the missions are just useful for replenishing your skinny wallet. Alliance quests will be available later, but in the meantime, pay attention to the daily quests, but keep in mind that they have time timers, which means that you can, after agreeing to the quest, do something else-for example, research in the Academy, training troops, treating the wounded, as well as improving the base.

Gpredict that one of the first quests will be the exploration of the battle on the territory of the enemy. If you are not ready-do not do this, and, in any case, do not choose a player who is a member of any alliance as your opponent. It is better to start with someone whose city is called like "Empire123456" - this means that the player is either a beginner, like you, and therefore equal to you in strength, or he is inactive.

Gstarayte not to overestimate your capabilities, as it is easy to challenge the wrong player - but it is more expensive to conflict with the alliance. Be friendly, do not get involved in conflicts and squabbles, focus on your tasks.

After you enter the game for several days in a row, you will receive a VIP rating, which will allow you to reduce the time timers. For example, VIP 3 for free will save you 10 minutes of waiting in any mission you have started. Use this as an opportunity to quickly upgrade and expand your territory. Daily returns to the game will also give you a chance to get bonuses from the built-in"wheel of fortune".

As for alliances, you will inevitably face the need to join one of them. The only problem is that it is not so easy to find a good alliance, and there are quite a lot of one-dayers among them. The easiest way would be to join your friend's alliance, but if you are not familiar with anyone in this game, then look around and choose an empire of a decent size, but not too huge, and try to join it.

g Once you do this, you will have to visit the game daily for at least a few days and follow the orders of the alliance. It doesn't sound like much fun, but if the alliance has a good leader, it will help your progress in the Game of War - Fire Age. Keep in mind that leaders may ask you to build certain buildings, refrain from attacking certain alliances, or, conversely, participate in attacks.

GES If you do not obey, you can be excluded. So, if you are not a collective player and are not inclined to follow orders, then refrain from alliances, if possible and you are not threatened by a strong enemy.

This is the end of our "young fighter course" and we hope that these few tips will help you take your first successful steps in the Game of War - Fire Age.