How to try on a tattoo? A selection of apps for fans of tattoos on Android and iOS

Tattoos are not a joke. It's a way of expressing yourself that people are usually proud of. For fans of this art form, there are a number of applications: ideas for tattoos, databases with the best artists, and other standard applications that you can not do without.

Adobe Illustrator Draw

Adobe Illustrator Draw is one of the best drawing apps on mobile. It can be used to create any tattoo. It supports layers, 64x zoom, and various tools. Of course, many people use existing ideas, but if you want to create something really unique, then Adobe Illustrator Draw is one of the best tools for this. It is part of Adobe's Creative Cloud. The whole set is quite expensive, but the basic functionality is also suitable for drawing tattoos.

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Inksquad is a real godsend. The app is not very popular, but it is original. This is a social network for tattoo fans and artists. Its goal is to "bring" future clients together with the authors. However, now it is still used primarily to share ideas. The app may be used for its intended purpose when it gains an audience. And for finding artists, it's still better to use, for example, Facebook groups.

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LayerPaint HD

Another powerful drawing app. So, the program has a definition of the force of pressing the pen, so that the process is not distinguished from drawing on paper. LayerPaint supports Wacom tablets and other professional tools. And the result can even be exported to Photoshop. Layers, standard drawing tools, and others are supported. The program is quite expensive, but it is distributed through a single purchase, not a subscription.

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Inkhunter is one of the best apps for those looking for tattoo ideas. It also has a truly unique functionality. So, with the help of augmented reality technology, you can see how the tattoo will look on the body. And here you can use not only tattoos from the database, but even add your own or download from Google. A must-have software for tattoo lovers (or those who are afraid of the first drawing).

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Not an obvious find for tattoo lovers. In fact, it is a great choice for any category of people interested in something. It is on Reddit that you can find the largest communities of people who are "sick" of something.

In the case of tattoos, pay attention to the Tattoo, Tattoos, and Tattoos Designs subreddits. Sometimes the requests are answered for a long time, but it is here that you can find very unusual ideas. Reddit has a great official app, but there are also cool third-party clients.

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One of the most popular apps for those looking for a drawing idea. The program includes designs from more than half a million artists. All the content is also divided into categories.

The functionality provides the opportunity to sign up for a master, but even in the West this opportunity is not used, so it is better to perceive Tattoodo simply as a base of ideas.

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Tattoo Designs

A fairly simple, but still useful application. Its main feature is the different categories. So, you can find tattoos with words, specific images, or just related to a specific topic.

If you are actively using the applications above, you are unlikely to find anything special here, but if your requests are fairly standard, then you can start with Tattoo Designs.

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Tattoo Master

This application is a mix of anti-stress coloring pages, programs for selecting your own tattoo ideas and a graphic editor.

You can upload your own photo and overlay images from the database to see how they will look on the body. After that, they can even be colored to your liking.

In the Google Play database, this is not an app, but a game-in fact, a great opportunity to combine business with pleasure.

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Skin Motion

This is an unusual application that allows you to make a tattoo in the form of a sound wave graph. To do this, you need to record or use an already recorded message. After that, use your smartphone to scan the tattoo and listen to the message.

In the App Store, in reviews, you can read the comments of users who have saved messages from close people in this way. Not everyone will dare to do this, but the idea itself is impressive.

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Tattoo Fonts

Text as a tattoo is a common phenomenon. But you don't want an important phrase to be written in Comic Sans or any other banal font. To find something original that will look good on the body, pay attention to the Tattoo Fonts database. Here you can not only see what the font characters look like, but also evaluate the desired text with this font.

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