How to unlock all the hidden and secret characters in Disney Crossy Road

In Disney Crossy Road, heroes from such world-famous projects as: "City of Heroes", "Pascal" and "Rapunzel", all the emotions from "Puzzle" and all the toys from "Story of Toys" are available toys", and even maggots from the world of"Lion King".

nos also have mystical characters – secret figures that open only after completing special tasks. They can be obtained from a slot machine that gives out gifts, or simply bought for real money – all at the player's choice.

in this article will be a detailed description of how to get all the characters.

Secret Characters

Ghost Gramma Tala (Moana)

nYou need to play as Gramma Tala and die 25 times to unlock her spirit form.

Flower Mane Simba (Lion King)

Play for Simba and find a line of Zebras on the level. After the character jumps over this live obstacle, the player will have access to this model as soon as the race is over.

Bagpipe Player (Haunted Mansion)

You need to score 150 points playing as a Horn Player.

Harp Player (Haunted Mansion)

After the previous challenge has been completed, the player needs to score another 150 points, only now in the face of Bagpipe Player.

Drummer (Haunted Mansion)

After completing the next two tasks, you must once again get 150 points, to open this character.

Sim Kid (Monster Corporation)

Playing as a monster, you need to find a Sim Kid who is sleeping in his bed, then you need to scare him. This series of actions is enough to repeat ten times to open this hero.

The Orator (Haunted Mansion)

R Passing the game for Sally Slater (she is also a character from the world of "Haunted Mansion"), you need to score 100 points to open the statuette of The Orator.

Lantern (Rapunzel: A Tangled Story)

Igrok can choose any character from the Haunted Mansion universe, after which it is necessary to light 30 candles to unlock the Lantern. This task can be completed in several races.

Butch (Mickey and friends)

R Complete the jump 100 times with Pete from "Mickey and Friends" and a statuette of this dog is guaranteed to be obtained.

Golden Harp (Mickey and Friends)

To open Golden Harp, you need to score 100 game points for Willie the Giant.

Ezra Beane (Haunted Mansion)

Playing for Phineas Plump, you need to make the armor attack the character. After that, you need to jump to escape from danger and stay alive. This task must be repeated 25 times, possibly in several races, and then Ezra Beane will be available.

Horn Player(Mansion with Ghosts)

This hidden character can only be unlocked by playing as Hookhand, in the Rapunzel chapter. To open this statuette, you need to play the piano (a brown instrument that is constantly depicted on the race screen) 10 times. The task can be completed in several approaches.

Mufasa (Lion King)

To get Mufasa, the player must choose Simba and spend 12 seconds in a stampede. It means that the character must stand behind the mountain when the stampeding animals confess their guilt. Next, you need to go to the other side of the cliff, when they will move along that half and stay there for the specified 12 seconds. Only after doing all this, the statuette will be opened.

Adult Nala (Lion King)

gtyou must choose and play as characters from the Jungle Book to open Adult Nara. You just need to get hit by lightning a couple of times during the race and this lion will be available for a personal duty schedule.

Scar (Lion King)

Playing for Mufasa, from the universe of "Col Lion" you need to jump over a herd of animals to open this miserly lion.

Abstract Bing Bong (Puzzle)

Igrok must choose his character Bing Bong (First you need to check whether the game is updated to the latest available version), then jump along the walls until a strange gray and red door opens. You need to try to open it, in turn, it will crush the character selected for the task, but also open Abstract Bing Bong at the end of the race.

Abstract Sadness (Puzzle)

R After Abstract Bing Bong has been extracted, you must repeat all the above steps and die in the same way to open Abstract Sadness. Everything is easy!

Abstract Joy (Puzzle)

gI again, playing for Abstract Bing Bong, you need to find Joy, standing right on the game path. You need to approach it, and it transforms the game character into Abstract Joy. After the next death, this character will already be available in the list of open heroes.

Frank (Puzzle)

Playing for Dave, you need to jump through the Puzzle level until Bing Bong opens. Next, you just need to crash into it and thus Dave will become open as soon as the player dies again.

Gloyd Orangeboar (Ralph)

To get the Gloyd, you need to play for Rancis Fluggerbutter and then score more than 1,500 points in the race. From the outside, such a difficult task may seem intimidating, but you need to remember that the candy raised during the race multiplies the points scored instantly.

Snowanna (Secret Character)

You must score at least 1500 points using Taffity Muttonfudge.

Crumbelina (Secret Character)

You must score at least 1,500 points while playing for Candlehead.

Classic Baloo (The Jungle Book)

To get this blocked character, first of all, you need to get or purchase Baloo. Next, you should find fruit trees and stand near them for a few seconds-Baloo will climb a tree and start eating from it. By repeating this procedure 10 times, this retro character will become available.

Vegetable Soldier (Alice through the Looking Glass)

To start, you need to choose Green Army Man from Toy Story, your game character. And then just play until you find a magnifying glass that gives out a ray of light from the inside. You just need to go into this light reflection and after that, the character will be melted, and the required statuette will open.

Wrangled (Zveropolis)

To get this horse, in the person of Rapunzel, you must first play for Rapunzel herself from the universe of this heroine. And then, you need to let the horses trample it 5 times. Horses should be different! All this should happen in 5 different races. Once the player has completed this task, the required character will open.

Wreck-It Rhino (Zveropolis)

Another version of the Disney hero's pet. To add this particular character to your collection, you need to play as Wreck-It Ralph and crush 50 objects. This action should be done only after cherry picking. Picking it up, you need to crush everything around. Once this process is completed 50 times, the coveted secret hero will open. Of course, this path can be completed in more than one race.

RFRED's Dad (City of Heroes)

Playing for Fred from the City of Heroes, you need to make him jump over 250 steps and all this should happen in one race. This task will open Fred's Dad.

Yama (City of Heroes)

Select the character Hiro Hamada from the City of Heroes, you need to make the jump 50 times in 15 seconds. This will unlock Yama. This task is quite tricky and you can perform it by clicking on the jump action, as often as never before.

Stray Cat (Pirates of the Caribbean)

Playing for Jack Sparrow, you need to jump over the ships until he gets to the treasure chest (at this point, the cat will make a specific sound). After opening the treasury, Stray Cat will be opened for use.

Jubileena (Ralph)

gdlya start you need to unlock the Gloyd Orangeboar and then score 1500 points in 35 seconds or less to open the Jubilee.

Adorabeezle Winterpop (Ralph)

To complete this mission, you need to open Crumpbelina and use it to get 1500 points in 35 seconds or less. After that, the Adorabeezle Winterpop will be opened.

Golden Scarab Beetle (Aladdin)

This player, Golden Scarab Beetle requires access to both Jafar and Gazeem. You need to find each half of the desired statuette, playing in turn with these characters. Once the pieces of the figurine are reunited, the beetle will open.

Detective Casey (Mickey and Friends)

R Run around the police car, driving Chief O'Hara from Zveropolis to add Detective Casey to your list. Keep in mind: to open Chief O'Hara, you must force 50 criminals to submit by playing as Chief Bogo.

Priscilla (Zveropolis)

g Opening this figurine is really fun! You need to play for Flash to move unrealistically slowly. You need to jump over 30 tiles in no more than 30 seconds. Do not rush to jump, but you do not need to stand in the middle of the road, either!

Magic Lamp (Aladdin)

GDL To complete this mission, you must first unlock or purchase The Genie and then print 25 objects to choose from. When the character dies, the Magic Lamp will be added to the list of open statuettes.

The Business Lemming (Zveropolis)

You must play as Nick Wilde and find a popsicle in the ice. After that, from the next game, access to Business Lemming will be opened.

Poisk Characters

Here this list of characters can be found in the game itself. You only need to get to them, and then, after the end of the race, the hero will become available. Here is the list itself:

Bloat (In search of Dory) - Play as Nemo

Gurgle (In search of Dory) - Play as Nemo

Deb (In search of Dory) - Play as Nemo

Bubbles (In search of Dory) - Play as Nemo

Gil (In search of Dory) - Play as Nemo

Mortimer (Mickey and Friends) - Play as Mickey Mouse

Mint in Box Prospector (Toy Story) - Play as Jessie

Mrs. Nesbit (Toy Story) - Play as Woody

Robert Callaghan (City of Heroes) - Play as Alistair Krei

Prison Dog (Pirates of the Caribbean) - Play as Pintel

Tiny (Pirates of the Caribbean) - Any Pirate Character

Big Baby (Toy Story) - Play as Buzz Lightyear

Brazillian Helicopter Pilot (Puzzle) - Play as Sadness

Cass (City of Heroes) - Play as Hiro Hamada

Garbage Cube (Monster Corporation) - Play as Sulley

Healthcliff (City of Heroes) - Play as Fred Supersuit

Clock Cleaner Goofy (Mickey and Friends) - Play as Goofy

Queen (Rapunzel: A Tangled Story) - Play as Emperor Zurg

Abigail Callaghan (City of Heroes) - Play as Hiro Super Suit

Easter Bunny (The Nightmare Before Christmas) - Play as Shock

Jewel Finkelstein (The Nightmare Before Christmas) - Play as Dr. Finkelstein

Mrs. Hopps ( Zveropolis) - Play as Judy Hopps

Mr. Hopps ( Zveropolis) - Play as Mrs. Hopps

Rmaui's Fishhook (Moana) - Play as Toddler Moana

Wedding Tuxedo Felix (Ralph) - Play as Wedding Dress Calhoun

Sobiranie cakes, apples, banana bones and everything else

Playing for certain characters, it immediately becomes clear that on the track there are small objects hidden behind the garbage, which disappear as soon as the player runs through them.

Wse it has to do with the mysterious characters. If the player collects 50 of these objects (not necessarily in one run, you can do it using many attempts), then a special character will open. Such as...

Warthog (Rapunzel) - 50 cakes, playing for Attilla.

Captain of the Guard ( Rapunzel) - collect 50 apples, playing for Maximus.

Jessie (Toy Story) - collect 50 cherries, playing for as Bullseye.

Fifi (Mickey and Friends) - collect 50 dice playing for Pluto.

Classic King Louie (Jungle Book) - collect 50 bananas playing for King Louie.

Wilkins (Alice through the Looking Glass) – collect 50 Roman numerals playing for Time.

Pig Hero 6 (Zveropolis) - collect 50 batteries playing for Time. Baymax.

Candy Corn (Ralph) – collect 50 cherries while playing as Wreck-It Ralph.

< /p>Chief O'Hara Mickey and friends – - force 50 criminals to surrender while playing as Chief Bogo from Zveropolis.

Blue Beetle ( Lion King) - Collect 50 larvae while playing as Pumba.

Christmas Elf (The Nightmare before Christmas) – collect 30 gifts while playing as Santa.

Rhino – Lion King) - Collect 20 packs of fish food while playing as Bailey from the Dory universe.

Chicken Feed (moana) – collect 25 packs of chicken feed while playing as Heihei.

GW and all our discoveries so far, do you know how to unlock other hidden characters? We are waiting for your messages in the comments.