How to unlock S-class cars in Asphalt 9: Legends

Gameloft in its Asphalt 9: Legends allowed us to upgrade any car available in the garage and increase its rating. Despite this, the events that take place in the game can be limited for certain types of machines, and multiplayer game sessions also have their own limitations.

Despite the fact that you can find the car of your dreams in simpler classes (for example, the Lamborghini Aventador or Ferrari LaFerrari are quite suitable for this role), S-class sports cars are still out of competition. In fact, these are already hypercars that go beyond any, the highest standards and amaze the imagination.

The seven digits on the price tag of such a car are certainly frightening, but the temptation to get such a monster is undoubtedly great. These cars are not only the most expensive, but also the fastest among all those presented in Asphalt 9.

< /p>Yes, low-class cars can be improved, and they will become faster than S-class cars at the start. But they will still not be able to compete with the upper, upgraded segment of the S class. For example, the Trion Nemesis, not the fastest S-class hypercar, even at the start has a rating higher than the top rating of any Class A car, including the Pagani Huayra BC.

So, how do you proceed if you want to get such a car (or feel an urgent need for it)? How this can become a necessity-it turns out to be very simple: to fully pass the career mode, you really need an S-class car. There are several ways to unlock such sports cars, including the usual grind can help you, but the element of luck is also present here – it can not be ignored.

How to unlock the simplest S-Class car, the Lamborghini Centenario

While you have not yet decided to spend money to speed up the process of purchasing the car of your dreams, we will try to reassure you – getting a Lamborghini Centenario, as it turned out, is not so difficult. If you visit the game every day and take part in the Daily Car Loot event, using your Class A car and passing the track in the right time, you will also receive daily drawings of this sports car.

In addition, Centenario drawings can be obtained at some stages of the career mode. This will help you either collect them faster to unlock the car, or further increase its rating. As you can see, even for casual players, getting at least one, even the simplest S-class car is not an unsolvable problem.

How to unlock Icona Vulcano Titanium

The second Class S hypercar in your garage can be the Vulcano. His drawings are available in career mode, and there you will be able to get all 40, even if by no other means you will not be able to get any of them elsewhere. Career mode seasons, during which you will get the blueprints of this car:

Class-S RookieClass-S Pro (available only after passing Rookie)Euro MotorsHyper Roamthe advantage is that to get all the drawings of this model, you need to have at least one S-Class car. It will allow you to take part in the seasons you need. It should be the Lamborghini Centenario, which we described above.

How to unlock the rest of the S-class cars in Asphalt 9 The developers from Gameloft will probably add new hypercars to this list, but for now it looks like this:

Ferrari FXX KW Motors Lykan HypersportLamborghini EgoistaTrion NemesisLamborghini Terzo MillennioW Motors Fenyr SupersportKoenigsegg RegeraBugatti Chi It will be too difficult to describe exactly how to get each car from this list. Therefore, we will limit ourselves to general tips, especially since they are, by and large, the same for all the models presented in the list.

Increase the level of your garage, you can get money every few hours just by being in the game, as well as buy it in the store. But when your garage reaches level 8, among the drawings will appear and those that you can only dream of-this applies to the Ferrari FXX K and Lykan Hypersport.

Check the schedule of in-game events every day.The best way to get a lot of benefits in the game is to participate in them. Drawings of some S-class cars can only be obtained in this way and in no other way. A good example of this is Trion Nemesis.

At the same time, if you want to unlock another car, and by clicking the “Get drawing” button, you see the inscription “Not available”, this means that the drawings of this particular car can also be obtained only through participation in events. The same is true for Class C machines - most of them are also accessible through events.