How to win in CSR Classics-tips for passing

CSR Classics is another dose of adrenaline and drag racing for fans of racing games. But, as in many races, there is a lack of advice from the co-pilot, as well as knowledge of the subtleties and secrets of passing the game. Here you will find a quick guide that will help you improve your car, learn the secrets of racing technology and learn some of the secrets of the game.

Gpupka car and its upgrade

Gin the very beginning of the game, your budget is quite limited, but you will still have to visit a car dealership and buy something on wheels, even if it is not your dream car at all...

es If you are determined to spend some real money, then do it right away by buying a few coins and spending them on a car from the category of Loved (Favorite) - they come with pre-installed upgrades, which will allow you to move faster through the main game campaign. If you are going to save money, then take the car from Unloved (Unloved), but pay attention to its statistics displayed on the left side of the screen.

Later, the car needs to be updated. It is noticed that the update aimed at improving the body of the car works better than the upgrade of everything that is under the hood. If, for example, you improve the engine, then with a heavier car body, you will not feel much difference and increase in power.

GES If you are a good racer, then you can also postpone the improvement of the gearbox and nitro for later, making do at first with what you have.

Pomimo these tips, there are no hard recommendations in the field of upgrades. The only thing you should always do is buy new car parts whenever you can afford it. Improving the racing qualities of your car is the determining factor for achieving victory, and even all the money that will be in your game account will not help you when the race has started - so decide on such issues in advance. Buy spare parts and improve the car is not necessary, only if it is ahead of everyone in its class.

Navyki racing

CSR Classics - not the most difficult game in the world, but it also has its own tricks that allow you to win.

A good start is crucial, so fill up your car with gasoline to the level that the speedometer starts blinking green.

the gearshift in each car has its own characteristics, learn them so that you can do it with your eyes closed.

An important element of the gameplay is Nitro, but it will take practice to use it effectively. Activating Nitro immediately after the previous gear shift gives the player more speed without the wheels running out.

special recommendations

1. The first advice is not to spend all your coins, but to collect them for a new car is also not worth it. It is necessary to collect stickers for your car, as in this game, improving the appearance, and especially the presence of stickers, adds you money at the end of each race. So buy premium stickers with coins and get rewards.

2. Don't waste your money trying to win boss cars, as they require Super Nitro. If you are not going to buy it for real money, then, especially, do not chase the bosses.

3. Try to take advantage of the free fuel that is offered to you. For visiting the game's Twitter and Facebook pages, you will get a full tank of fuel, and for watching a short ad - a little more.

4. Try to be sure to participate in the daily events and use these races to the maximum. Try to participate in all three of these races every day for a week - this way your prizes will increase on each subsequent day.

5. And finally, if you are stuck at some stage and do not know what to do - take your best car and put it on a regular race until it runs out of gas. This will give you the opportunity to upgrade the car and overcome all those obstacles that were previously impassable.