If the best games from Nintendo became mobile

Mobile games can be popular, and popular no less than console franchises. A striking example of this is the famous Clash of Clans, which has achieved incredible success.

Nintendo continues to ignore mobile platforms, so we decided to dream a little about what the famous games created by Nintendo would look like if they became mobile.

Ms tried to approach this issue with humor, so please do not take our versions too seriously.


For example, Rayman Jungle Run and Fiesta Run, feel great on mobile platforms. Many consider them classics of the genre of autorunners on both iOS and Android.

It is not surprising that the famous and beloved Mario series would take its rightful place among the games of this genre, and would clearly be among the leaders of virtual app stores.

The Legend of Zelda - slash 'em up

At the time, a mini-game was released, a kind of spin-off to the popular The Legend of Zelda - Link's Crossbow Training. Based on its gameplay, you can create a very good mobile title, and if you replace crossbow training with sword exercises, then we will get a great mobile game in the slash genre 'em up.

Maybe it would be something in the style of Fruit Ninja, but instead of fruit, the main character Link would deal with a variety of opponents.

Metroid-Rail shooter

The Metroid Prime trilogy has successfully combined Metroidvania-style gameplay with 3D elements of the game world. But, if Metroid itself still got to mobile platforms, it could become something like Midnight Star-a dynamic rail shooter, which has certain advantages and its own army of fans.

Kid Icarus-infinite runner

This game is very well established on the Nintendo 3DS, and, judging by its gameplay, in the mobile version it would join the ranks of infinite runners. Its main character Pete would be the perfect runner character, collecting coins and boosters on the run.

Kirby-a tapper game

simpatichnoe pink creation of Nintendo named Kirby can fly-much better than Flappy Bird. Therefore, there is no doubt that the hero of which game could be Kirby-of course, Flappy Bird, but in a more complex version – not only with obstacles, but also with opponents.

Pikmin - RTS

ES If you try to pick a genre for the popular Pikmin series, then perhaps it will be gardening in real time. In the mobile world, this definition is most suitable for RTS, for example, in the entourage of one of the best representatives of the genre – the well-known Clash of Clans.

Donkey Kong-tower defense

Originalnaya game Donkey Kong was a title, with the gameplay, the reverse of tower defense. In it, you had to play the role of Mario to save the princess, overcoming obstacles and fighting with enemies.

A mobile game of this kind would be something like Kingdom Rush, where Mario in cloned form would face waves of opponents.