Incompatible with your device: how to install incompatible apps on Android?

If you want to download a new cool game from Google Play or try out a popular streaming service, but suddenly it turns out that the selected app is incompatible with your device or is not supported in your country – yes, this is a disappointment. But do not rush to conclusions and do not give up – there are ways to solve such problems. Below we will tell you which ones.

Warning Both of the methods we have suggested below – both using a VPN and installing the APK file through a mirror-can be very effective, but they are not a guarantee of solving your problem. Even after installing the app, you may find that you can't start it. Then the incompatibility with the device is obvious, and nothing can be done about it.

In addition, you should keep in mind that installing applications from third-party sites may be unsafe, and the use of a VPN is not welcome in all regions.

Use a VPN

Savvy Android users probably know how to use VPN services to hide your real location and choose another one to outsmart the prohibitions of the Google Play Store. And this method really works.

There are many VPN applications that can be used for this purpose. One of the most stable working – TunnelBear-its interface is simple and convenient, it is optimal for downloading applications declared incompatible.

1. Download TunnelBear from Google Play.2. Launch the app and create an account in it.3. Use the switch to launch TunnelBear and tap on the world map to select a location.4. You will receive a connection request-agree.5. As soon as the animated bear appears on the screen from the tunnel in the desired location, you can download the selected application.You won't always see the app you want on Google Play – since it's considered incompatible, Google may simply not show it to you. In this case, you need to search for the application by name through a query in the Chrome search bar, then follow the link and start installing it. Please note that during this entire time, the VPN must be running.

To access the content of applications downloaded in this way, you may also need a VPN service. If the app refuses to work, claiming that it is not available in your region, try clearing the Google Play cache in Settings > Apps > Google Play Market.

Download ARCWho concerns the installation of incompatible applications – there is nothing complicated here, and this is good news. The bad news is that this method only works with free titles.

All you have to do is download the APK file via APK Downloader using the app URL from Google Play. To copy the URL, on the app page in the Play Market, select the icon with three dots, and then click " Share". Select, for example, Gmail. The link to the app will appear in the new, newly created draft of the email. From there, you can copy it to the APK Downloader, which will help with the download. If for some reason APK Downloader didn't work, you can try again, this time via APK Mirror.

Note that not all games or apps will launch, even if you managed to outsmart the Google Play bans. Anything can affect you-from the wrong screen resolution and aspect ratio, to the lack of optimization for a specific processor.