Interesting from TapTap: CarX Rally, Naruto: Slugfest, Death Park 2, Star Wars (part 2)

You should look for interesting games on the TapTap site, because the App Store and Google Play only give out popular game. This is the second issue; the first one can be found here. I again picked up the most diverse list of new products, as well as just interesting projects that came out not so long ago or did not have time to go into the mainstream. If you have any suggestions about interesting games from TapTap, I will be happy to hear your opinion in the comments.

War of Storms

If you combine mobile strategy and gacha games, you get War of Storms. At the very beginning, we are met with a rather epic battle on spaceships, as in StarCraft II. After a short introduction, the routine immediately begins: we perform a ton of tasks that require a couple of clicks, train warriors and build individual buildings. The last two items take time, which can be accelerated with the help of several in-game resources. You know, donat in all its glory. In addition to the typical soldiers in War of Storms, there are also heroes that differ in rarity.

The battles are already happening on the world map in automatic mode: we just show our troops the way and just watch what is happening. We fight with pirates, orcs, gargoyles and other fantasy creatures. Winning gives you a lot of rewards (at least at first); this value can be doubled if you watch the ads. The game requires either a donation or daily completion of tasks.

T. D. Z. 3 The Dark Path

Instead of Stalker on mobile phones, there is now T. D. Z. 3 Dark Path. This is the third part of the adventures of daredevils in the Exclusion Zone. The main character has lost a loved one and now he has no choice but to go in search of rare artifacts. Players are waiting for skirmishes with infected and mutants. The developers are domestic, so we are waiting for Russian localization with voice acting and fan service. We are also waiting for QTE-moments. Some objects are drawn almost in front of your nose, and in general, the graphics leave much to be desired. At the same time, the project definitely has a soul: the atmosphere of a Stalker, gatherings around the campfire with a guitar and a good story for a mobile indie project. By the way, our hero will also be able to play the guitar. One of the first tasks is to take the bolts and go in search of artifacts. Well, then you know what to do.

Paragon: Infinity Wave

Paragon: Infinity Wave is a third-person shooter where we have to fight off waves of enemies. For this, we get money that is spent on opening chests. They contain random weapons that may be better than what we have. The character himself — a cyborg, a la Warframe - is also pumped. Due to this, the main characteristics are automatically pumped, for example: speed, endurance. Weapons are basic and additional, so you need to make the right choice depending on the type of enemies. These can be snow ogres, spiders, and soldiers with firearms. Our cyborg dies quite quickly, at least in the first levels. After death, you can look at the statistics, and also see what place we took on the honor board. The controls are not the most clumsy: you can at least jump, but do not wait for roll-ups or vertical gameplay.

Road to Dead

If you are tired of Dead Trigger, you can try Road to Dead; you will not find much difference between them. The graphics of the second project are rather more square and low-poly. From the very beginning, we are thrown into the very inferno, saying: "Get to another location unharmed, hold the gun and ultrasound." The levels are fairly linear, but important items or the passage to the next zone can be inconveniently hidden. After death, the zombies dissolve, disintegrating into particles. That is, if you shoot at a barrel of fuel, the explosion will not be accompanied by any special effects. By the way, some zombies just get stuck in one place and wait for a cold bullet in the forehead. Locations differ in terms of time of day and night; there are collectible items.

CarX Rally

There are not enough serious rallies on smartphones, and the developers of CarX Rally wanted to solve this problem. Did they succeed? The answer will be ambiguous, because the maximum graphics are striking to the eye and resemble the Xbox 360/ PlayStation 3 generation. But if you go to the controls, then everything is not so smooth. You see, if everything is fine in a straight line, then many people start complaining about sharp turns, because the car does not feel at all. Yes, it can be improved, but for this you will have to go around quite a lot of tracks and be among the losers. It is safe to say that CarX Rally does not forgive mistakes: if you skidded or even left the track, you can not dream of any first places. And this is already felt on the first tracks. So it is recommended only for real fans of the genre.

Death Park 2

An interesting horror film, the authors of which were also inspired by the work "It" by Stephen King: we must fight back against a terrible clown with balloons. Before you start, you can choose the difficulty level of monsters, clowns, and even puzzles. The last point is tied to the movement between two worlds: reality and nightmare. If in the first case we have a little sister who is bedridden, and in the second-bloody inscriptions on the wall that someone will kill her. Moving between realities is done with the help of balls. But they may not be real, so the clown comes into play.Death Park 2 is divided into several levels, each with notes, puzzles, and monsters. When we leave the house, the game resembles Silent Hill: an abandoned city, strange creatures and fog everywhere. The clown himself is not particularly difficult: he just runs after us, while you can break away from him. So if you know what you're doing, there shouldn't be much difficulty.

Dread Rune

This is an isometric action game in which we wander through the dungeons and fight with skeletons, goblins and other monsters. The game resembles the first Diablo — it's not the same slasher that we are used to, but there are echoes. The graphics are made in a minimalistic style. Our goal is to make our way from level to level in search of the best equipment. Some items will have to be purchased from a merchant. For example, a fireball to start not only to cut down enemies, but also to ignite them. The controls are responsive and dynamic: the character can run and roll. There are no plot inserts and tasks: all the emphasis is on the gameplay. On bezrybye will go.

Naruto: Slugfest X

Dedicated to all Naruto fans: if you've always wanted to play as your favorite ninja, as well as run through trees and water, then Slugfest will help you fulfill this dream. This is a multiplayer game with a story, character leveling, quests, and so on. Most of the tasks consist of the fact that we just need someone to pile on. For example, Kakashi Hatake. There are gacha elements in the game: we order ramen and get a real character inside. They vary in rarity. To walk on trees, you need to keep your balance with the help of a gyroscope. During the fights, one of the selected companion bots constantly fights on our side. Can you become a Hokage?

Star Wars: Starfighter Missions

The rebels can not leave the Death Star alone: Princess Leia and her servants constantly try to interfere with the plans of the Emperor and Darth Vader. In Starfighter Missions, we will be on the side of the Rebels. They will repel the Empire's attacks in space in every possible way. For the destruction of enemy ships, we get gold, which is spent in the hangar to buy and upgrade aircraft. During the training, we are accompanied by C-3PO and R2-D2. The latter, by the way, flies with us, although we play for "one of the Rebels". The tasks here are of the following nature: to get to some goal or to protect the ships of the allies. Anyway, this means that we will fly forward and try to destroy as many enemies as possible. Each ship has its own level of rarity, plus unique abilities. A good project to pass the time, but only for ardent fans of Star Wars.

Summoners League

Have you played Clash Royale? Here is about the same scheme: players fight in a "1 on 1" format. Each has a defensive tower and a main tower. For the destruction of the latter, a victory is awarded. To do this, you need to strategically put units and heroes on the battlefield. The latter have superpowers. Cards can be pumped. Mana is consumed by summoning mobs; it is gradually restored, but it is better to destroy the enemy army and towers. In this case, there will be a constant lack of mana. At first, the game is not difficult, plus we are given training. Summoners League offers nothing new.