Interview with the developers of Genshin Impact: the game is out, what's next?

Publisher miHoYo has released its creation, the role-playing game Genshin Impact, on smartphones, PC and PlayStation 4. Such synergy is rarely seen in the genre of action-RPG. The Twinfinite edition interviewed the developers, which we are in a hurry to share with you.

Why was Genshin Impact developed for multiple platforms?The developers responded that they had planned to make Genshin Impact cross-platform and open-world from the very beginning. And these two ideas are very closely related, because how can the game world be open if it can't be played by gamers on different platforms? Therefore, it was decided to develop the game on PC, smartphones and PlayStation 4. And all versions are optimized for a smooth gameplay, meaning that none of the players were deprived of attention.

How does the Genshin Impact business model work?But do not forget that for all the attractiveness of the project, it has a shareware model, which often paints negative and gloomy colors for each such game. How does Genshin Impact differ from them? The whole point is that miHoYo tried to make the project as friendly to all players as possible. That is, everyone decides how and how much money to spend.

The four main characters can be unlocked simply by moving through the storyline. Getting materials, uniforms, weapons, and other characters is tied to completing tests and tasks.

But if you have an extra coin lying around, then you can try your luck in virtual gacha machines. The chance of dropping characters with four stars is 5.1%, and with five stars — only 0.6%. If everything is bad with fortune, then you can simply do with the purchase of a monthly pass, the price of which is about 500 rubles.

How often will Genshin Impact updates be released?For this project, there will be constant updates with new content. This will help the players themselves with their reviews and recommendations. Currently, miHoYo plans to do the following things:

More characters and more stories Advanced social interaction system Variety in terms of gameplay Optimization of farming At the time of release, Genshin Impact features two main cities out of seven-Mondstadt and Liyue. The third is under development.

What are the most attractive aspects of the game for a Western audience?In this regard, the developers tried to transfer the various beauties of the Eastern world to different regions of Genshin Impact. This applies to bamboo, ancient water channels and reeds, which, along with all the symbolism, were placed in a virtual fantasy world. Each city in the game has its own culture and history, which are served through visual and audio. As for the Western tones, the city of Mondstadt is suitable in this regard.

The main sources of inspiration for the setting in Genshin Impact Since the company Miho was founded, its motto was: "Something new, amazing and out of this world". The developers have always wanted to create an open-world game. In 2017, they realized that the moment for this had come and many gamers would like this idea. Therefore, work on Genshin Impact was started.

As for the release of Genshin Impact on the new generation consoles (PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S), miHoYo is thinking about it, but so far it is only an idea and they do not have a specific form. Therefore, they will share information with us as soon as there are specific facts.

Genshin Impact is available on iOS, Android, PC and PlayStation 4. The game supports many languages, but these do not include the languages of residents of the CIS countries. The only thing you will have to settle for is English. Our news about the release of Genshin Impact can be found at this link.