iOS 8: 13 new features and settings you didn't know about

Well, you got iOS 8 on your device and played with all the new features and apps: Health, time-lapse video, third-party keyboards and other features. But, as with any iOS update, there are a lot of small, inconspicuous features that are hidden under the system.

g We present you some interesting features that Apple did not mention at its presentation.

1. Now you can simply disable all app notifications by specifying this in the settings.

2. You can activate Siri by simply saying " Hey Siri". However, your device must be connected to a power source.

3. Spotlight (a system search that is activated when you pull from top to bottom on the home screen) now finds voice notes, and also shows recommendations from online resources such as Wikipedia, the App Store, iTunes, and the Bing search engine.

4. Now you can find out how much battery power your apps consume. To do this, go to Settings, Main, Usage, Battery Usage. The amount of energy consumed is now displayed as a percentage next to each program. The information is displayed for the day and for the week.

5. In Safari, you can now display the full version of the site, as well as add the site to your Favorites. In order to display these functions, you need to hold down the address bar of the site.

6. Safari now has a new search engine. If you don't want to send information to Google, Yahoo, or Bing, you can use the DuckDuckGo private search engine and prevent other search engines from receiving information from you. You can find this feature in the Safari settings.

7. If you need to switch to the privacy mode-calmly do it. If you have any tabs enabled in normal mode, they will not disappear anywhere, but simply hide in the background.

8. Another useful feature in Safari. If you were looking for some information on a particular site, and then went to the search engine, you can continue to search for information on the previous site by simply entering the name of the resource before the search word. For example, if you need to find something on Wikipedia, just type: "wiki Android". And the search will continue on Wikipedia.

9. A new button in the camera section adds a shooting timer: 3 and 10 seconds. For a group family photo, it is enough to get into the frame beautifully.

10. The Recently Deleted feature stores all your deleted photos from the last 30 days in case you want to bring them back to life.

11. In iOS 7, focusing was done with a simple tap on the screen, but along with it, the illumination of the photo was automatically set. In the new version of the system, you first mark the focus, then swipe up and down to adjust the illumination manually.

12. Now the text can be marked in bold, italics, or underscores. To do this, hold down the desired part of the text. Above it, the BIU menu will appear, with which we change the display of the text. You can also add a photo to the text. You need to double-tap on the screen and select "Insert photo".

13. Now all messages can be combined into one archive. To do this, go to settings, messages, save messages. Messages will be stored for a month or a year. After that, the system will automatically delete them.