iPhone 11: leaks, rumors, and our expectations for the upcoming flagship

The release of the upcoming iPhone 11 will take place in September, but rumors about new ideas that Apple plans to implement in its next flagship are already flooding the network. Connoisseurs of" apple " gadgets are waiting for the next changes in design and more radical concepts than those presented in last year's iPhone XS.

What to expect?Taking into account the fact that in 2018, three devices saw the light at once – the standard iPhone XS, the huge iPhone XS Max and the budget iPhone XR – this year we should also expect a triple release. It is very likely that a more solid model of the iPhone 11 Max and a slightly more modest iPhone 11R will appear in parallel with the iPhone 11.Design

Judging by the renderings leaked to the network, the new iPhone 11 may have a triple main camera located in the center. At the same time, the back cover of the case does not look like glass, but the eyebrow and the front camera on it are still preserved.

Another version of the design is a block of three main cameras in the left corner of the case, similar to a glass one. Most of the leaks indicate that this type of design is most likely.The screen shows information that the screen of the iPhone XI will remain 5.8-inch, as in the iPhone XS, but the frame will be reduced even more. They say on the network that it will support 5G, have a 4000 mAh battery and a USB-C port on board. The suggested colors are silver, gold, gray, and blue.

Another source claims that there will still be no USB-C connector, but the front camera with 7 MP will stop at 10-megapixel, while the main one will offer users lenses for 14 and 10 MP (there is no information about the third camera yet).


Most sources agree that there will be three cameras. Their location, as we have already said, can be different. There is also information that only in the high-end model the number of cameras will be the same, while in the rest the equipment will be more modest.

There are rumors that Apple has plans for a 3D laser camera for augmented reality, but it seems that it is postponed until the iPhone 12 (or the 2020 model, whatever it is called).As for the front-facing camera, we would like to see it on a smaller " eyebrow", and, judging by the information on the network, Apple is working on the technology, allows you to place some sensors under the screen.

New features

Rumors about the appearance of a USB-C connector in the new iPhone, most likely, will not be confirmed, but wireless two-way charging can be expected. As well as, in general, changes related to the battery. There are suggestions that the iPhone 11 battery will have a capacity of 20-25% more than the 2658 mAh that are provided in the iPhone XS. An increase in the battery capacity of the iPhone 11 Max is predicted at the level of 10-15% in comparison with the 3174 mAh in the iPhone XS Max, while the budget model following the iPhone XR will not be affected by the changes.

What other rumors are circulating on the web regarding the capabilities of the new iPhone?

They talk about a screen that will be more convenient to use in the rain, about a camera that changes settings when the device is under water, about using a new Face ID scanner developed by the inclusion of Sonya's next-gen 3D sensors, which will work more accurately and faster.

Besides, there was also information about a patent for subepidermal scanning, when the phone's camera can use infrared rays to scan the pattern of blood vessels on the face, thereby eliminating the possibility of error. From the very futuristic rumors-a patent for sensors for catching odors from the air.

A more real innovation is the ability to use the Apple Pencil not only with the iPad, but also with smartphones. The changes will also affect the processor, which is quite expected. This will be the next A13 chip, which, apparently, has already been put into production. And finally-the network claims that the iPhone 11 will support Wi-Fi 6, but opinions about 5G are still contradictory, it is possible that this technology will be delayed until the 2020 model.

This year, the release of the new iPhone 11 may take place later than in previous years due to the IFA 2019 exhibition, which will be held in Berlin from September 6 to 11. If Apple still decides that their event may intersect with the exhibition, then the release will take place traditionally, on September 9 or 10. The 10th is more likely, since Apple has not yet held its conferences on Mondays. If the announcement of the iPhone 11 is postponed in connection with the Berlin exhibition, then you should expect it around September 17 or 18.As for the price, this device will not be cheap and even budget-friendly, as you know, and its price is unlikely to fall below the $ 999 mark, as it was in 2018. We can only hope for a democratic iPhone 11R, the price of which may be closer to reasonable.

iPhone 11 or iPhone XI?

How Apple will name its new device is still unclear. It may turn out to be both an iPhone 11 and an iPhone XI in equal measure. But, given the absence of the iPhone 9 and the transition from the iPhone 8 immediately to the 'X', a return to the number' 11 ' is unlikely.

iPhone 11: What would we like to see?The iPhone XS and XS Max models are certainly beautiful, but from the users ' point of view, there are things that they would like to change. So, what would we like to see in the new iPhone?

1. The absence of "eyebrows" Whether we like it or not, but "eyebrows" or " bangs", as they are also called, are present in modern smartphones. They took the place of the traditional frames at the top of the screen, accommodating a front-facing camera and a number of sensors.

It is the Achilles ' heel of most modern and mobile phones, and Apple's gadgets are no exception. Android smartphone developers are trying to get rid of it by reducing it to the size of a drop. In the case of the iPhone, removing it completely means giving up some additional features, like the same Face ID. Apple can move the microphone, speaker, and proximity sensor – this will reduce the "eyebrow" and will be a step in the right direction.

Its complete absence would be a great design decision, but it seems that this idea is not yet destined to come true.

2. New design

The design of the XS and XS Max is not a problem – these are stylish and solid gadgets, but will Apple want to change something in 2019? Unlikely. I would like to see something radically new and in addition to the absence of the notorious " eyebrows". HTC and Google are already trying to implement the absence of physical volume and on-off buttons in their devices. Perhaps Apple will also adopt similar ideas, who knows. .

3. Improved battery As for the duration of battery life, the iPhones here have not been in the lead for a long time. Despite the fact that the iPhone XS battery has become more capacious in comparison with the iPhone X, it is far from ideal. And here Apple has something to work on. At a minimum, we would like to see the iPhone 11, which will work quietly on one charge until the evening, or even the whole next day, without forcing us to run around in panic in search of an outlet.

4. The latest iPhones have become dual-card, but, unfortunately, they only work with one physical SIM. The second card is a built-in eSIM, which must be activated in a special way. Taking into account modern trends, the developers could make the main card the same, getting rid of the card slot, thereby freeing up space in the case. But so far, not all providers support eSIM technology, and this is a minus of such an idea.