Learn more about how to play Auto Chess, Dota Underlords, and Chess Rush

Dota Auto Chess has rapidly burst into the mobile market after becoming popular on the PC. Since then, Dota Underlords, Chess Rush, and a galaxy of smaller games have also been released on iOS and Android. But these three projects can be considered the main representatives of the genre, and it is on their example that we will tell you what it is and how to play it.

In the near future, expect a comparison of the three games, but for now — a detailed analysis of the genre, which may not be as fast as the royal battles, but still comes to the mobile entertainment market.

What is this genre?There is no clear answer to this question. On the pages of our website, we called it "auto Chess", based on the translation of the first game — Auto Chess. Now everything is often found "autobatler".

Sometimes you can find a comparison with the game of chess itself, but there is no sense in this comparison, because it does not describe the gameplay in any way. In addition to the conditional field and the figures on it, these entertainments have nothing in common.

First of all, this is still a strategy, where you are required to put characters on the battlefield (based on their characteristics and combining with others) and constantly analyze what is happening in order to change tactics on the go.

Outside of the matches, there is a meta with the completion of tasks, cosmetics, and so on, but we will touch more on this in a detailed analysis of the three projects.

In a nutshell: how to play it?The match involves 8 people Each match consists of dozens of rounds Each round — this is a two-player battle. Playing a round, you deal damage to your opponent equal to the levels of the heroes left on the battlefield. In case of loss, you get the corresponding uronIgroki, who have lost all health points, are eliminated from the match. The winner is the one who will last until the end. At the end of the match, you can see the results of each player: the number of wins, losses, damage done, etc.In some rounds, you need to fight with NPCs — this is the only way to get equipment or special skills. The rest of the time, the opponents will be real players.

Before each round, you buy heroes and put them on your side of the field. Then the battle begins, and the heroes fight automatically until one side is completely destroyed. Survivors deal damage to the player.By the next round, all the killed characters return to their places.

And now in more detail and in order.

Phase Each round is divided into two phases: the preparation phase and the battle phase. During the first one, you buy heroes and put them on the battlefield, while in the second one, a battle takes place. Given that the characters fight automatically, it may seem that only the first phase is important, and the second can be skipped. But during the battle, it is extremely important to monitor its progress and make decisions about whether to change the strategy or the location of the heroes.

First phase (30 seconds)At the beginning of the game, you are given a certain amount of coins that you use to buy characters. You also get coins after each round.

Not all characters have to be put on the battlefield. At the bottom of the screen, there are places for backup characters. There you can keep those you consider for future tactics or plan to use for leveling up.

The main feature of autobatlers is that you can sell heroes at the same price as you bought them. This allows you to adjust your strategy in the middle of a match without worrying that you will be left in the red.

However, this is only relevant for the first half, because after that, when most of your characters will be upgraded (more on this later), selling them, you still can not get the same advantage, even with the majority on the field.During the purchase for a certain number of coins, you can upgrade the roster. This can be done endlessly, but it is possible that the desired hero will not come across.

There is also a button to block the current set of heroes. This is necessary if, for example, you want to buy a hero, but you do not have enough money. Yes, you will not get an updated roster by the beginning of the next round, but you will be able to pick up the desired hero.

Finally, the level of your character in each match determines the number of heroes you can field. It can be one or two at the beginning and up to ten near the end of the game. The level is increased by experience, or you can pay for it with the same coins that are spent on buying heroes.

At the maximum level, you can bring 10 heroes to the field, but all you can do on the battlefield is to place the heroes. And this is the main difficulty of the game. If you can quickly remember the races and classes, as well as their bonuses, then the combat features of each warrior are something more difficult. However, this will also have to be taken into account in order to gain an advantage.

You need to carefully monitor the behavior of all your "wards" and build them so that they act together.It may happen that the round will turn into 6-7 one-on-one fights. And here it depends only on luck who gets together with whom. But if your heroes stand in such a way that they are forced to attack even the strongest enemy together, they will have a chance to win in the end.

Sometimes it is not completely clear who will win at the end of the battle the running line introduces the results of the combination of heroes, according to the description from the previous paragraphs, it can be assumed that the main task is to choose the most powerful characters and send them to the battlefield, but this is not the case.

Of course, the characteristics of each character are important, but their interaction is much more important.

Each hero belongs to a certain race and class. You need to combine them to get bonuses. For example, Chess Rush has an Assassins class. If you collect three of these killers on the field, they will all be invisible at the beginning of the battle and will deal 250% damage with the first hit. Each subsequent hit will give you a 10% chance of making them invisible again. Six assassins will increase the second chance to 30%.

In principle, the description of bonuses can not be read, but some of them are really weaker than the rest of the examples are full, and at first you will have to remember.

In the upper left corner (in Chess Rush) and on the right side of the screen (in Dota Underlords and Auto Chess), there are icons for combinations of races and classes of those characters that are already on the field. If the icon is highlighted, then the bonus works. You can click on it and see what exactly this bonus is. If it remains black and white, then just click and see how many more heroes of a particular race or class you need to call.

Bonuses can also work in the opposite direction. For example, in Chess Rush, there is a demon that gives an advantage if it is represented in the singular on the field.

Total: the first time you will need to remember the bonuses of different classes and races, learn who belongs to which, and on the basis of the first matches to build tactics about who you plan to gain an advantage over your opponent.

I played on a 7.9-inch tablet and a 5.5-inch smartphone. Over time, the icons and names are remembered, but at first it is much easier to play on the big screen. Keep this in mind if you've tried it on your phone and haven't figured out why it's so complicated. If possible, try running it on a tablet, and if not, just give it another chance.Leveling up characters, items, and the skill of every hero in the game can be upgraded. To do this, you need to buy three identical ones. After that, it becomes level 2. There is also a third level, but for this you need to combine three identical characters of the 2nd level (in total you need 9 identical heroes). This can give a strong advantage, but it is still better not to focus on this alone. Having spent everything on finding the right hero, you can be left without a really strong character. And it is obvious that one hero with 3 stars and help from the base characters will instantly be defeated by a squad in which the majority will have 2 stars.

Typical situation by the end of the match As already noted, the game has rounds in which you need to fight against the AI. They are designed to get items. The way these items work differs from game to game (Dota Underlords, for example, has passive abilities), but the bottom line is that they provide additional features to the characters. At first, it will be enough to make sure that the items just do not lie idle, but over time you will understand how to use them effectively: add speed to slow characters or armor to those who have little health.

What else?The game has a lot of elements, because of which the first matches can be disappointing, but literally after 2-3 games you will already begin to understand how you can win. We didn't specifically talk about how to win in autobatlers, because it would be too difficult for such complex games. Instead, we'll just share some comments:

Watch out for what's happening during the battle! This way you will understand your weaknesses, be able to remove the interfering heroes, or even copy the tactics of your opponent.Not all races and classes are equally strong and widely represented. Most likely, this is a matter of balance, which will be corrected over time.The most difficult thing is the placement of the heroes. They behave so unpredictably that it is difficult to understand how best to put them in order to gain an advantage. The only thing I noticed was that you shouldn't cower in a corner. Thus, the opponent surrounds the heroes and quickly kills them, attacking the crowd. If the characters are scattered all over the field, then there is a chance that they will face weaker singles.Experiment! This is the main pleasure of autobatlers. If you only came to win, then you will probably already be able to find various guides on the Web, which will be enough to choose a winning tactic. But if you enjoy the process itself and are ready to understand everything yourself-go ahead. This genre encourages this.