List of the best weapons in Call of Duty Mobile: characteristics of all guns

The suggested list of the best weapons in Call of Duty Mobile will help you understand which one suits you perfectly. Naturally, no one has canceled personal preferences, but you should pay attention to the statistics of the selected weapon before making your choice.

Assault rifles Level 1ASM10

ASM10 is a very good assault rifle, which is considered the best in its class. It has almost no weak points. It deals good damage, has a controlled recoil, as well as a good range and rate of fire. The first three bullets fired from it have much higher accuracy, so learn how to use it properly and it will become a serious force in your hands.

Damage - 60 Speed-55 Accuracy - 50 Mobility - 55 Range - 55 Level 2AK-47

< /p>If you can control the recoil, the AK-47 will become the absolute leader among your weapons. It deals the best damage in its class at long range and has a decent rate of fire. This machine is one of the most difficult to use because of its recoil. That's the only reason he didn't make the top spot on the list.

Damage - 70 Speed-55 Accuracy - 45 Mobility - 60 Distance - 65M16

M16 is similar to ASM10 in that it is good at almost everything. Its only weak point is its triple burst, but you will only feel it in close combat. It is excellent at medium and long range, where its almost non-existent recoil makes it deadly accurate. It does not deal much less damage than the AK-47.

Damage-65 Speed-45 Accuracy - 60 Mobility - 60 Range - 60 Level 3M4

< /p>M4 is an extremely reliable assault rifle, and the best choice for beginners. What it lacks in damage and range, it makes up for with accuracy. It is suitable for medium-range combat, where you can easily handle the recoil. It can be used with a range buff, as it is problematic to destroy enemies at long distances with it.

Damage-45 Speed-60 Accuracy - 70 Mobility - 60 Distance-45 Perk-G-Series, which increases your movement speed after respawning.BK57

BK57 is similar to the weaker version of ASM10. Her stats are good across the board, but are reduced due to a small amount of damage. This is not a bad assault rifle, but there are better options, so it does not become the number one choice.

Damage-48speed-63 Accuracy - 65 Mobility - 60distance - 50Perc - Ancient Runes, which increases movement speed after respawn.LK24

LK24 has the same problems as the BK57-it is a good weapon, but does not succeed in any particular area in terms of parameters. There are much better options for assault rifles.

Damage - 45 Speed-60 Accuracy-67 Mobility - 60 Distance - 50AK117

AK117 is the best option in terms of rate of fire, but it is disappointing to shoot at long distances. If the rate of fire is more important to you, it is still better to use SMG. But if you insist on using an assault rifle, then this one is perfect for you.

Damage - 50 Speed-70 Accuracy - 55 Mobility - 60 Distance - 45 Level 4Type 25

Type 25-the least successful assault rifle. It has the best rate of fire in its class, but the lowest range and difficulty with recoil. In fact, it aims for SMG, but there are more suitable options in this class. We recommend not using it and choosing the AK117 if you want an assault rifle with a decent rate of fire.

Damage - 55speed-70 Accuracy - 45 Mobility - 60distance - 40sniper Rifles Level 1XPR-50

There are no bad sniper rifles in Call of Duty Mobile. Each of them is good in its own way, so choose the one that is most convenient for you. The best choice is the XPR-50. Thanks to the rate of fire, close to the Assault Rifle class, controlled recoil and huge damage, it leads in terms of parameters. In addition, the game provides an automatic recharge bonus for each XPR-50.

Damage - 80speed-40 Accuracy-55 Mobility - 45distance - 90Perc-automatic reload after a successful shot.Level 2M21 EBR < p> < /p>The M21 EBR is another much-loved sniper rifle with characteristics similar to the XPR-50. It gains a little in range, but loses in rate of fire. Given that very few maps are large enough to shoot from such a long distance, we would recommend stopping at the XPR-50.

Damage - 80 Speed-35 Accuracy-60 Mobility - 45 Distance - 95 Level 3Arctic .50

Arctic .50-the third sniper rifle in the list. It offers more damage than either of the previous two variants, but has a significantly lower rate of fire.

Damage - 85 Speed-30 Accuracy - 60 Mobility - 50 Distance - 95 Level 4DL Q33

As mentioned earlier, none of the sniper rifles in Call of Duty Mobile are bad. The last one on the list was the DL Q33. It provides the best damage in its class and the best range, but has a very low rate of fire. You must be extremely precise when using it, as it leaves very little room for error.

Damage - 90 Speed-15 Accuracy-Mobility - 45 Range-95LMG (light machine guns)Level 1M4LMG

M4LMG can be considered the best in the class of LMG (light machine guns) due to almost perfect statistics. In its class, it has no weak points, showing solid damage, accuracy and rate of fire. The Ribbon Explosion variant has a perk that allows you to recharge faster, which eliminates one of the biggest problems with the LMG class.Damage - 60speed-55 Accuracy - 60 Mobility - 40distance - 45Perc-Quick reload when the magazine is empty.Level 2UL736

UL736 - the second successful option in the class of light machine guns. Its recoil is less manageable than that of the M4LMG, but this is offset by slightly more damage and a slightly higher rate of fire. This is very similar to RPD, but much better.

Damage - 70 Speed-60 Accuracy - 45 Mobility - 40 Distance - 55 Level 3RPD

RPD ranks third among LMG. This is a versatile weapon, similar to the M4LMG, but with less accuracy. Unfortunately, the recoil leaves much to be desired and turns the previous light machine guns into a more optimal option.

Damage - 65 Rate of Fire-65 Accuracy - 40 Mobility - 40 Distance - 50 Level 4S36

< /p>S36 offers the best rate of fire and damage in its class, but you will have to fight with serious recoil. This light machine gun is good at close range, where the SMG becomes its alternative.

Damage - 75 Speed-75 Accuracy - 35 Mobility - 40 Distance - 50SMG Level 1Chicom

Chicom is the best SMG in Call of Duty Mobile. This is a station wagon with solid damage, accuracy, rate of fire, and mobility. Like all SMGS, it has a distance problem, but it's actually not that far off in terms of parameters from some assault rifles. Its advantage is its quick reload, which makes it one of the best weapons in the game.

Damage-75speed-65 Accuracy-60 Mobility - 80distance - 40Perc-successful shots speed up reloading.Level 2 AKS-74U

AKS-74U opens very early in the game, and it's a really solid SMG. Its damage and mobility are excellent, its rate of fire and accuracy are good, and its range is comparable to other SMGS.Damage-80 Speed-60 Accuracy - 55 Mobility - 75 Distance - 35 Level 3MSMC

MSMC has a short range and medium recoil, but compensates for this with excellent rate of fire and mobility. If you tend to get pretty close to the enemy, the recoil and range probably won't even bother you. However, this option is placed in third place, as more controversial.

Damage-75speed-70 Accuracy-45 Mobility - 80distance - 30Perc-successful shots speed up reloading.HG 40

HG 40 is a reliable, though not impressive SMG. This is one of those weapons that resembles another class – in this case, an assault rifle. It can do serious damage at low recoil, but its working range is too short to use it instead of an assault rifle. It also has a low rate of fire for SMG, so if you get close to an opponent, you will most likely lose to any shotgun or opponent who owns SMG.

Damage - 75 Speed-40 Accuracy - 60 Mobility - 75 Distance - 40 Level 4PDW

PDW will no doubt have its fans among gamers thanks to its insanely high damage, which is comparable to the damage from a sniper rifle. This is one of the first weapons that you will unlock as a reward for the second day in the game. But don't be fooled - the range of this submachine gun is incredibly low, so you need to be very close to the enemy if you want to fight effectively. In addition, it is not happy with its mobility, which means that you will not be able to move at the pace you would like. Finally, you will have to deal with recoil, which will complicate your life, and the rate of fire, as for SMG, will be low. In the end, you're better off using a shotgun if you just want to deal massive damage at close range.

Damage - 90 Speed-50 Accuracy-40 Mobility - 75 Distance - 25Perc-successful shots speed up reloading.Shotguns Level 1HS2126

The HS2126 is a gamers' favorite shotgun that shoots accurately and almost without misses. Call of Duty Mobile has more powerful shotguns, but you need to be sure that you hit the target the first time, otherwise you will lose. The HS212 offers a good rate of fire, which allows you to quickly continue shooting even in the event of an error.

Damage-75speed-45 Accuracy-70mobility - 80distance - 15Perc-successful shots increase the speed of movement.Level 2HS0405

< /p>HS0405 is the opposite of HS2126, and gamers are likely to prefer it, if a very low rate of fire is not a hindrance to them. With this shotgun, you need to be careful – if you miss, you will have serious problems. It offers twice the range of the HS2126, so you don't need to get as close as you did in the previous case.

Damage-90speed-5 Accuracy-85mobility - 75distance - 30Perc-successful shots increase the speed of movement.Level 3BY15

BY15 is your default shotgun, solid and reliable. It is located between the previous models in terms of parameters and is, in a way, a jack-of-all-trades. If you do not want to choose between damage or rate of fire – stop on it.

Damage - 85 Speed-20 Accuracy - 80 Mobility - 75 Distance - 30 Level 4Striker

There are no bad shotguns in Call of Duty Mobile, and Striker is far from the concept of a failed weapon. Just among the other competitors, it can be considered the weakest of the available options.

Damage - 70speed-35 Accuracy-85mobility - 75distance-30